How to upload a PDF file to a Blogger blog for free download

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Within the Blogger platform, users have the ability to link different documents and allow their readers to download them themselves. Here we will teach you how to do it in simple steps.

What is the Blogger platform for?

Blogger was born in an original way as the ideal platform with which to elaborate and develop different types of content and which can be exposed in any way and for any type of public.

This is also known, for being a simple system that has no other purpose than to make known more texts or, failing that, support the dissemination of different information or news. It is for this reason that in general it tends to have an amateur touch, which grows and yes develops into a more professional one as its users grow.

Upload a PDF file to Blogger for download

It is important to point out that the management interface that Blogger offers you will not allow you to directly upload files in PDF format.

However, it is possible that you link these files through Google Sites, simply by associating your Google user account with your Blogger page. This way, the PDF file you upload will be available for direct download without any hassle:

  • Start by logging into the official Blogger portal
  • Subsequently, enter your profile, entering your credentials in the space indicated and then, press the button Log in.
  • Next, click on the tab which is called The my account and then on the section that says Sites. It is in this tab that you can access Google Sites services associated with your Google account.
  • Once inside you will see that there is a list called My Sites where you can see it will help you manage all those files, sites, etc. that you have linked to your Google Sites account. In this case, you need to position yourself on the envelope of the file PDF that you want to upload to your page and then link it from the blog.
  • The above action will help you locate that page and files with your Google site. Similarly, you will need to organize the files you upload, so you need to create a folder with the name pdf to have everything in one place.
  • After that, you need to choose a template and after that, hit the File Cabinet option.
  • Once created within the Name option, you need to enter the pdf name. There you will see that the path: /site//pdf it will be created automatically . Here you have to press the Create Page button.
  • After that, proceed by clicking on the Add Files button.
  • This will open a dialog box where you need to press the Browse button to locate the PDF file.
  • If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you just need to go directly to the uploaded link and choose the Copy link path option.
  • Go back to your Blogger page and click on the NEW ENTRY button of the blog where you want to publish your new article.
  • You will start writing your article in a normal way and you will proceed to insert the link that said file gave you in the previous steps. Put it in a keyword and continue with your writing.

Next, proceed to press the button PUBLISH ENTRY and you will see that the link will almost automatically direct the person to download the file in PDF format. It should be noted that you can also add Word documents or PowerPoint presentations to Blogger.

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