How to upload a PowerPoint file or presentation to a Blogger blog or website?

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While it may seem confusing and indecipherable at times, in the case of Word files, for example, it is Word files must be saved directly to Google Drive to achieve this.

So users who have recently been using it are to be expected to think doing it with a presentation is more complicated, which is a lie, and here we explain why.

Create a account

To be able to insert a PowerPoint slide presentation, devi first use another platform that will help us get a code of embedding.

The aforementioned character set will be used to insert it into Blogger and then insert it into the desired site. The page in question is called Scribd.

It is a platform for reading and uploading ebooks or electronic books, which also allows you to upload files in presentation format.

To register, you just have to find it through the Google search engine using its name and it will be shown as the first result. When you access the Web, the " Log in ”Will be found in the upper right part of the main screen.

Therefore, and when pressed, it will show some options for " Access "Which we will proceed to ignore and a button that says" Sign Up ”Will be found in the section below.

This option will open another window that will ask for your registration information, but will first give you the alternative of using Facebook, Gmail or another email.

Next, choose the option you prefer and proceed to fill in the required data and then it will begin automatically in the user's profile.

It is specified that at the time of registration 30 days free trial will be granted and when finished, you will be asked if you want to purchase one of the plans to continue using the service.

Upload a PowerPoint presentation to Blogger using Scribd

Once you have the Scribd account you will be able to upload the file, but first you need to create the presentation. Once finished, the ideal is to save it in an accessible place, where there are not too many files, such as the " desktop ".

This will make it easy to spot it. So, let's go to the Scribd page and the " Charge ”Is located at the top.

This will show the typical loading window, which allows you to search for stored files from Windows on your computer. When you place the target, it is selected and loaded, it will take a moment and the email must also be entered to continue.

This will direct us to the section " Share your documents “, In which you will have to find the embed code with which it will be possible to upload a PowerPoint presentation on Blogger.

This is at the bottom of the page and is separated into two sections or labels which serve different purposes.

The first is " Subject "And is used for independent web pages, while the second" Inserisci ”Is intended for sites like Blogger.

Each of these tells or instructs how to perform the steps to use said embed code, which we will proceed to copy.

To move forward, a new tab is opened in the browser, we enter the Blogger page and the blog on which the presentation will be loaded is selected.

There is the button " New entry ". The mode is chosen " HTML ”And the code that was copied will be placed in the publish box. Finally, choose " Public ”And it will be all to upload a PowerPoint file to a Blogger blog.

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