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Many people don't know how to use Google Drive or OneDrive cloud storage. Instead, they prefer to upload their photos to Facebook. Making them private to keep them is a great idea and that way no one can see them unless you want to.

That's why we will see how to upload photos to Facebook so that they are private and no one can access them unless you want to.

How to upload private photos to Facebook

You can use Facebook to upload as many photos as you want so that no one sees them. Make them completely private and use the social network to make a backup of all the photos you have. This is really too easy and we will look at it in detail below:

To perform this process we will do it from a computer. As this will make it much easier. However, there is not much difference with the mobile version.

  • We open Facebook and go directly to our profile.
  • Let's now move on to the photo section.
  • Select a photo, the one you want to be private.
  • Once the photo is enlarged, we will be able to see on the right side our name, some text we add, likes, comments, etc.
  • But what we really care about is close to date. Since when we click on the said «Privacy» button we will be able to select the option to change the privacy.

Now you need to click on the icon next to the date again and a new menu will appear with some options:

  • Public: anyone can see it. Even if you are not registered on Facebook.
  • Friends: Only your friends can see this photo.
  • Friends except: You can edit so that all your friends see the photo, except some people you choose.
  • Specific friends: Only the people you choose will see the photo, not the rest of your friends.
  • Only me: no one else can see your photo. You are the only person who can see it.

We chose the last option and the photo went private in seconds. Unless you change this option, no one else will be able to see it.

How to upload photos to Facebook so that no one sees them

In case you wish upload a photo and no one ever sees it. So you can do it from the beginning before uploading said photo.

  • In the box that says A what are you thinking? What we generally use to post things. We select " Photo / video «.
  • We choose the photograph that we are going to upload to our profile.
  • If you look at the bottom right, it usually says " Public »Or» Friends «.
  • Clicking this option will bring up a menu and if you click » Other »The option will be displayed» Only me «.
  • If you click on this option, only you will be able to see the photo you are about to post.

The only thing you should keep in mind is that once you choose "Only me" the rest of the publications you will do from now on, you will only be able to see them. So you should change the option to share on Facebook if you want others to see your photos or publications every time you publish a new post.

But as you can see in a few minutes you already know how to upload and save photos to facebook without posting them in this way you make them totally private and you can have them saved as a backup in this important social network.

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