How to upload and save your ID or DNI with Telegram Passport

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Telegram is an application for communicate with other people just like WhatsApp; However, the options offered by Telegram are not comparable to any other application. The basis we have to say is that your options are not only to send text, audio, images or stickers, you can also download music, series or movies.

It is an application that goes beyond those details that we have just mentioned, because those are only 40% of all the things you can find in Telegram. Other than that, it is the only application that allows you to create groups or channels with around 200.000 people to be able to make important broadcasts.

Why has Telegram become so popular?

Telegram was launched in 2013 and has always had a great impact on all people around the world for all the features and tricks it has, it currently has more than 180 million users. A good detail about this instant messaging application is that you can install the application on your PC and have the accounts open at the same time.

The platform of this amazing app has its own protocol, which allows it to encrypt users' conversations and give them more security. Likewise, the privacy it offers is unmatched by any other ; You can also choose from your contacts who can see your profile information and who can't.

The fact that the same account can be opened on different devices is due to the cloud-based service it offers with plenty of storage space for any information. And like other similar media, you allows you to create chat links and configure them separately.

There is also the option to automatically delete messages when you leave a chat. Also, you can have secret chats without having to worry; or you can keep your conversations private by entering a code or password to enter a chat.

Now, we also want to explain a new service that Telegram has presented in its latest updates and how you can use it 100%, let's talk about the Telegram Passport option.

How to upload your ID in Telegram Passport?

First, we know what this new update is about; It is an authentication service that will be waiting to provide our data and confirm that you are a real person. With this service we can register on any website without having to justify it every time, but Telegram will share the data securely.

To start this identification it is important to carry out the 2-step verification of Telegram, this is activated in the application settings. You log in and select "Privacy and security" and in the option "safety" occurs with a password and a confirmation email.

Once this is done, you can go through the Telegram Passport process; It is run from the Telegram website where you can deselect any options that you don't think are necessary for sharing.

Then, select "Log in with Telegram" and select "Telegram" where they will ask us for the password that we enter in the verification and an e-mail together with the telephone number to confirm. After that, you need to go to the configuration where the Telegram Passport option will appear, in the option "Bots and websites".

In that option, the data we have provided before will appear, which will be private information that has been confirmed by the mail and phone number. Providing and saving all this information in the Telegram cloud will be very useful in the future to speed up any process.

What other services does Telegram offer?

Among all the services we can mention that they are amazing and that many use it; first, Payments, a service with which it is possible make payments via the application with bots. There is also Gmailbot, which is known to be a basic Gmail client from Google, but which is managed by Telegram support.

Another surprising service is TDlib; which is an open source development library where you can create bots and applications developed by that platform. Telegraph; Telegram service that allows the writing and publication of texts, also accepted by a bot that manages them.

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