How to upload and share files via Dropbox for free - Quick and easy

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One of the benefits of Dropbox is that it gives you access to 2 GB for free; although if you wish you can extend it with a payment plan for this service. Dropbox offers you many things; Depending on the case, you can change your privacy settings and create a private or secret file in Dropbox. Also remotely delete a folder in Dropbox if you lose a device.

How to log in to Dropbox?

  • You can do this via the website:, or via your browser by writing Dropbox in Spanish.
  • When you enter the main page, you must register and create your Dropbox account, entering your name, surname, email and password.
  • Accept the conditions and proceed to register in "Register for free",
  • Install Dropbox, you can do it on your computer with "Download without connection", or with "Free Download" which is the traditional way, since it allows web connection,
  • Verify the installation in your email with a message that Dropbox will send you,
  • Log in with your email and password, it will immediately send you a message saying: Your email address is already verified, click on "Done".

How can I upload files via Dropbox for free?

You need to log into your Dropbox account first and then perform the following steps, it's very quick and easy:

  • In the “Complete knowledge of Dropbox” section, click the third circle from left to right: "Add a file",
  • Click "Add a new file", "Upload file" or at the bottom of the screen click the + (plus) icon, it will take you to the window di dialogue Upload to Dropbox, click your "Choose file",

  • Go to the folder where you stored the file you are about to upload, open the folder, choose the file and click "Open",
  • Wait a while for the file to upload, once uploaded, you have the option to upload multiple files by clicking on "Add multiple files", repeat the operation, as Dropbox does not allow you to upload more than one file at the same time,
  • When you have finished uploading all your files, click on "Finish".

How can I share files for free via Dropbox?

It will also be very easy and fast, we remind you that you must have uploaded the files to share, log into your account and perform the following steps:

  • In the "Complete knowledge of Dropbox" section, click the fourth circle from left to right: "Share a link",
  • A list will appear with the files you have uploaded.

  • Click the clip to share the link, or click the button "Share" which is right next to the file to share,
  • It will send you to another session, in A: you can enter the email or name of the user you want to share with, and you can also compose a message,
  • Before sharing it, you have the option to select "Can see", and in turn in "Edit access" or "Read access", it depends on the permissions you are about to grant to the recipient, who must have a Dropbox account,
  • Finally click on the button "Share",
  • When you go back to the list of uploaded files, if you go to the shared file you will notice a message saying the sender's name.
  • The user with whom you shared the file will see a notification message in their email, which they can view by clicking on "View the file".

Don't take the risk of your hard drive crashing and losing your files, no longer ignore how to share files on the web, so apply your knowledge on how upload and share files via Dropbox for free, quickly and easily.

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