How to upload and share photos in the Unsplash repository for free?

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Over a million certified high quality and totally free photos, the Unsplash site is available to Internet users. Here we show you how to upload and share photos on Unsplash in a simple and practical way.

Photography lovers and especially graphics professionals, advertisers and the like, have in Unsplash the perfect ally because it allows them to access high quality photographic material, without authorization barriers and at no cost.

You are one of those who think that the latest camera on the market is required to get a professional quality image. But let me tell you that this is not the case, if you are creative and follow these tips to get professional photos from your Android you can create amazing photos.

This is what we could call a gigantic one photographic community, which in a few years has established itself as one of the largest in the entire network.

More than a million photos

One of the most extensive functions on the Internet is the ability to share graphic material of all kinds, especially photos and videos. Every minutes millions of pieces of content are shared, and among the most sought after, given their wide diffusion, there are photos.

The best example of the importance of the use of photography on the internet we have it on Instagram, one of the social networks with the highest exponential growth in recent years and whose strength, precisely that, is the use of photographs, and on a smaller scale. The videos. Here you will learn how upload and share photo your Unsplash.

The main strength of the Unsplash repository is that it has it available to anyone who wants it, more than a million high-resolution photographs, fully certified and without having to go through the copyright barrier, as they are available to Internet users freely and for free.

But not only can we download photos on Unsplash, this repository also offers us the possibility to upload our material and share it with other photography lovers around the world.

To protect your copy or material from theft, you may be interested in knowing how to put watermarks on a photo with the PaintShop Pro program.

How to upload and share photos in the Unsplash repository without complications

If you are already willing to share your photographic material, Unsplash opens the doors for you. The first thing you should do is to formally register on the repository website via a email or a Facebook account, if you don't have a Facebook account you can create it by following these steps. Please note that this registration is free and does not involve any further complications.

Once registered, you join the Unsplash world, great news. Now to enjoy the benefits. The next step is: how to upload and share photos on Unsplash. The user has to go to the top right of the repository and click on the option " Submit a photo ".

Unsplash is recognized for the high quality of its photographic material, in high resolution, which is why that same quality requires those who wish to upload their photos to the platform, in addition to compliance with the rules and policies of the website. By accepting these policies, we assume them as an option " I understand and accept "And click on" Start loading ".

Now yes, let's become part of the Unsplash universe and we can share the photographic and personal material we want. The only request Unsplash makes is that it be quality photographic material.

Photos with a resolution of more than 5 megapixels, completely original and zero retouching. With these requirements in mind, we will have the ability to share up to 10 photos per week.

Creative Commons Zero certification

Unsplash was born as a blog of friends, mostly professionals in advertising, photography and graphics. It was designed by the advertising agency Crew Labs, to share work material with other agencies and professionals.

The material that is shared is licensed with Creative Commons Zero, which represents an endorsement of high quality and creativity. Here you can learn how to upload and share photos on Unsplash in a practical way and free.

In addition to the aforementioned pages on the net, you can also get other pages where you can upload, publish and share your photos for free.

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