How to upload HD photos to Facebook from Android mobile or iPhone without losing quality

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Since the Internet has had its introduction into society, it has had a very large global impact on each of us, so much so that in this last decade progress combined with the technology they are truly remarkable, are of incredible size, whether if we look at it in hindsight, it would be hard for us to believe it, but as a matter of fact, our lives follow the path of development and evolution.

Technological progress and the Internet have allowed us today to use tools that have improved many aspects of our life, making it much more comfortable, we currently have the power to work from the comfort of our home, create projects, spread and improve our knowledge in virtual classrooms, as there are also platforms called social networks.

Communication in social networks

The Internet as a tool is wonderful, the ability to use it and take advantage of it is unimaginable, among the many things that the Internet has, there are websites, which they went way beyond our browsers and we can find them on every device With an internet connection, these are called social networks, and their main focus is communication, that is, there is a process of exchanging information.

In this virtual world through social networks, each of us can browse and discover anything, in these networks we can interact with anyone in any part of the world, creating a friendship, in the same way they allow us to spread our thoughts on it, create a page within our website and, even if we go further, set up our business.

There are currently quite a few social networks, pioneering websites that remain and grow from their beginnings, as well as innovative networks that develop and capture new users, among these giant networks that have made a name for themselves around the world are Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and one of the largest and most important called Facebook, which served as inspiration and never stops growing and innovating.

How does Facebook work?

Facebook is a social network whose goal is exchange of digital content, through posts, images, videos, etc. Since you can also share anything with the people you've added or in groups, it has around more than 2,5 million users across the planet, basically being the largest social network on the entire internet.

Being one of the most amazing platforms, this one has functions ranging from activating and using Facebook Marketplace, to creating your own hashtag for your business, to becoming a contributor of a Facebook page, with this social network there are many options you can explore and interact, one of the most recent is the ability to watch live broadcasts of some famous streamers.

Creating a Facebook account is quite simple, just go to their website and sign up or download their official app in our mobile stores to start interacting, Facebook can be a good opportunity if you want to be a content developer, start a page, do publications, stories and publish videos and images in HD, who has a method, follow this article with us to know how it's done.

How to prevent Facebook from reducing the quality of photos

There is something that happens regularly, if not almost always, that when we are about to upload a photo to our Facebook profile, either via our iPhone or Android, after uploading the image, it has lost that touch of sharpness and quality that in previously had before being uploaded and it's a bit strange to us, this happens because Facebook when uploading an image compress the image to so that it is less heavy.

In order for this not to happen, the first thing is to have the appropriate size to upload the photo, the classic size is 1080 × 1080 or 1200 × 628, then the next setting is that its size is less than 100kb and finally in the Guide part and Configuration and then in Application settings, we activate the option "Upload photos in HD", this in any Facebook, Android or iPhone application will work and then upload photos in HD.

In any case, if you still have doubts about it, read on as we show you step by step what the process is to activate the Facebook HD photo options on both your Android and your iPhone.

Steps to upload HD photos to Facebook from Android

On your Android device, launch the Facebook application. After the above, go to the top right where you will access the Settings options, finally click on “Settings”.

Find the category called "Media and Contacts". Here you will see the “Photo Quality” section, make sure that is set to "high".

Upload and post HD photos to Facebook from an iPhone

The procedure for activate the upload of good quality photos on iPhone it is the same as on Android, however, if you have any doubts, read on.

The first thing is to log into your Facebook account via your iPhone. At the top right you will see three horizontal lines, click on it and then on 'Settings'. Scroll down until you find the "Media and Contacts" section.

In the “Photo Quality” section, be sure to set la highest quality possible. After that, all the photos you upload to your device will be uploaded to the maximum allowed by the Facebook system.

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