How to upload high quality HD photos to Facebook from your PC

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Upload high-quality HD photos to Facebook from your computer

This is by no means a complicated task. First let's go to enter to our personal Facebook account and entering we access the profile by clicking where the username is located.

Below the cover image and horizontally we will see several options within which the section is located " Gallery ". By clicking on it, the area where we have stored all our photos will be displayed.

We will also notice that at the top of this section is the “+ Create Album” icon. We click to be taken to inspect files on our computer. Now find the place where you save the photos on your PC in high HD quality that we want to upload to Facebook from the PC to select the lucky one. We have the possibility to mount several photographs at the same time in this social network.

To do this, once one of the images has been selected, hold down the "Ctrl" key and click on the other photos without releasing the key. Once this is done, press the "Open" button at the bottom of the screen and in the "Create album" window a preview of the photos that we are going to upload will be shown.

As the photos are loaded, just below them, we will see what it says "Upload in high resolution" and then the images in question appear. On the left side we fill in the "Album name" box and if we wish we add a description.

We can also assign a location or maybe tag the entire album to a friend in the photo. To do the latter we need to click on the image and assign a person.

We have in this section other alternatives that will remain on our part whether we want to apply them or not. Now we click the publish button located at the bottom of the screen and takes us to our photos section of our Facebook to see what we have uploaded to the album. Ready! We were able to successfully upload high quality HD photos to Facebook from our computer.

How do we know that the photo we are uploading to Facebook is in high resolution?

Remember that this depends on the number of pixels who has photography. The higher it is, the higher the resolution you have. To measure this, make sure the photos you upload have resolutions between 1280 × 720 pixels and 1920 × 1080 pixels. By itself our eyesight can help us detect the amazing sharpness of the image, but we must make sure by looking at its characteristics.

As you may have noticed, this upload 3D photos to Facebook, photos in high HD quality  from the PC is really very simple. We know that it is very important for you to know how to do it and that is why we have brought it to you and explained it as easily as possible. Remember that your friends would like to learn this too. Don't forget to share this post with them.

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