How to upload images from Google Photos to Facebook

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How To Connect Facebook With Google Photos - Steps To Follow

The first thing we need to do is join Facebook. We will go directly to the settings, via the top menu, which is indicated by the horizontal bars. While you are there, we will click on the space for setup and privacy.

By clicking on configuration, we will then choose the reduced one intended for direct information, that is, the one marked as 'your information'. There we will run into the possibility of transfer photographic and video material existing in the Facebook account.

Now the place of destination must be chosen, through the section entitled to this, that will then be 'Google Photos'. At this point, a login will be required in the account of the technological giant, or Google.

After logging in with the e-mail and the relative password, the relative permissions are granted. Finally, the connection will be terminated at the end of the transfer of the photographic and audiovisual material.

How to share all photos from Google Photos to Facebook

This is a quick and simple action, however, let's remember that Google photos is a means of protecting photos and their conservation, so direct emptying is not the best.

The instrument allows you to share photos individually, but we can take a shortcut and share several or all of them at the same time. To do this, simply hold down a photograph, which enables the continuous selection function to be activated, the selection can be dragged onto the desired photographs or, failing that, onto all of them.

Once selected, we'll do click the share icon, where we will select the destination, which in this case will be Facebook and we will proceed to finalize the process by following the steps that will be indicated.

Transfer photos and videos from Google Photos to Facebook from mobile

First you need to log into your account linked to Google photos and select the image you want to share or send to the Facebook social network. Once the image of our preference has been displayed on our screen, select the share icon located in the lower corner of the menu of our device.

If you want to post this photo on your Facebook profile wall, you need to select the 'Facebook Feed' option. Google Photos will instantly redirect you to your Facebook account.

There you put if you like one description for your photo and to complete this process select the 'Publish' option.

Now if you want to post stories on Facebook the procedure is very similar. Select the image in Google Photos and press the “Share” option. But this time it will hit the “Facebook, your story” function. Add your preferred filters and click on 'Share Story'.

With these methods we can share our album di Google Photos with our profile or the history of our Facebook account.

 Create a backup with your images

Google Photos is a Google service designed to store photos and videos in your cloud. This is a fairly reliable alternative in as it allows you to save graphs without any kind of limit.

Its operation is quite simple, since by simply downloading the application you can give your internal memory a break. When you start you have to choose how to save your information, log in with your google account and hit the confirm option.

There it will start creating a backup copy of any photo or video saved on your mobile. The creation time will strictly depend on the speed of the Internet you are connected to and the amount of files you have in memory.

The good news is that this process can run in the background, the which will allow you to use other applications while your information is uploaded to the cloud.

Now can i remove graphics from google photos? The answer is yes, but you have to be very careful with this, as if you delete an image from Google Photos it will automatically disappear from your gallery. However, these deleted photos can sometimes be recovered by following a few simple steps.

New in Google Photos

The changes are noticeable in the first place because the icon of this application is different, its interface is currently divided into three different sections. The "Photo" - "Search" and "Library" section.

Pictures they are organized chronologically, by opening the menu at the bottom you can access the photo editing and retouch a little according to your tastes.

One novelty that was launched on the market was the recent featured category, which is an automatic selection of featured photos from Google. In the search option, rank the images in based on the people or places you have visited.

Video editor function with Google Photos

Google's new video editor makes the process easier to fix videos that don't look good or even to give your personal touch with a filter or logo.

This feature also allows us to create collages for our videos, as well as crop and adapt to our liking. And is that although it is an application designed for beginners, it has quite advanced functions which allow us to improve the result. For example, the stabilizer function which allows the graph not to be so shaky, but on the contrary to remain stable.

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