How to upload images or videos to Pinterest with a link to my website from a mobile phone? - Quick and easy

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It is also considered one of the social networks most used by women. So if you want to promote a product aimed at them, this is the site!

It all starts by creating your account on their website and anchoring it to one of your accounts so you can use the application from the comfort of your mobile.

What do I need to upload images or videos to Pinterest?

After completing the record of information about your content on Pinterest, start ad add information to the board of your choice.

Or preferably, one you created yourself. Logging into or logging into your Pinterest account will do this.

In this case, carrying out the procedure from the mobile is quite practical, convenient and simple, since we only have to install the application on the device.

Share images with URL

The first step is locate the content you want to share, from your gallery or from a link that allows you to promote your creation.

For this situation we will start publishing the content via an Internet link, then from the page you will find the icon " Share ".

At this point, your phone's system will show you the available platforms so that you can share the content you have selected, that's where you will look for the Pinterest application logo that you must have previously installed.

By pressing, a box with the phrase " Upload images from (...) ”With the URL you used, which may take a few seconds.

This step will take you directly to the application, where you will see a list of images available as a preview of the content.

As soon as you select an image, the application will take care of adding a description that you can edit to your liking, then it will select the board where the pin you created will be stored.

Share video with URL

When it comes to video, another methodology is adopted by which the process will be much faster and with a better result.

The most recommended thing is that if it is a video that you have created, take the time to upload it to the YouTube platform and from there get the URL address you will use.

The application allows you to upload images or videos to Pinterest from any platform, however, it is recommended that you use this method as it is the most recognized.

The procedure for adding a video is the same as for images, but it may happen that when you have to choose a preview, you don't like the ones that the system gives you to choose from.

To avoid this, you should only access the YouTube video we want to share and keep the link copied to the clipboard of your mobile device.

Log in to " Gallery "To select the preliminary image you want to represent your video and click on" Share “, Where you will choose the Pinterest app again.

In this case the description is not added automatically, so you will have to define your content according to your preferences and also select a board for it.

You have to keep in mind that by adding the content with this method, Pinterest is responsible for creating a link that does not redirect users to any page.

That's why you need to locate the newly created pin to edit it by pressing a pencil icon and there edit the URL address you copied from YouTube with.

To finish, press the option " Done ”And anyone who sees your content can be directed to the pages you want to share. Remember you can also save or download Pinterest images from your mobile or PC, good luck.

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