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The truth is, we will not be using third party programs. Instead, we'll be using the official Instagram application available for Windows 10. The IG app is quite comprehensive and works flawlessly.

You can also chat from the application, which is not possible with the web version. So it has a large number of features that the mobile version has.

Upload Instagram Stories from PC

You can get Instagram from the same Microsoft store. Ideally, you should press the Windows key on your keyboard (located between the Ctrl and Alt keys), then type " Microsoft Store ”And press enter.

Once you hit enter, the Windows store opens and you simply need to use the search engine to search for the social network app. Once installed, the only thing left to do is log in to start using the app.

In case you are looking for an experience closer to mobile devices. There is an alternative that isn't exactly practical, at least to install it. But what if it can give better long-term results.

How to create Instagram Stories from Windows

We will use BlueStacks for upload stories to Instagram from Windows or to do what you want. What is BlueStacks? It is an Android emulator which, once downloaded, allows you to emulate said operating system on your PC.

You can use applications such as IG, games or other social networks on your computer as if it were a mobile device. This has many advantages since we cannot buy the convenience that a computer offers us (screen, mouse and keyboard) over that of a mobile device.

At the moment they are the only alternatives we have when we want upload stories to Instagram from our PC. We will need yes or yes programs. Since the company behind said social network does not allow us to manipulate practically anything from its web version. Since it limits us only to see.

However, thankfully the official Instagram application we talked about above it is very complete, works wonders and does not have any kind of impact on the performance of the computer. So having it open in the background is great in case you need the social network to communicate or for work purposes.

In the Microsoft store you can also find other very interesting social apps with all its functions. can install Facebook or Twitter among others and enjoy these networks in an organized way on your computer thanks to the respective applications.

Remember that we have many Instagram tricks on Miracomoseace. We encourage you to continue browsing the site to find tutorial sui social media more interesting in order to continue to know it and get the most out of the social networks that are today's daily bread.

If you still have questions about how to upload stories to instagram from your pc without programs, you can leave them a little further down in the comment box and we will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

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