How to Upload Photos and Videos to Instagram from Mac Chrome - Step by Step

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Its strong point is the amount of filters available and the graphic tools for editing images. While it is true that it was originally made for mobile devices, there are currently alternatives if you want to use it from your computer.

The option to share photos, videos and stories is currently only available for mobile versions. Not so, for the desktop application or its own Official site.

But don't worry, we always find a solution. For this you will not need third party applications or download extensions, but it is much simpler.

Why is it necessary to know this trick? For many users it is much more comfortable navigation from your computer. It could be because the screen is much larger or they prefer to use a keyboard to type, it's faster to navigate, etc. Whatever the reason, we'll show you how to do it.


How to change the User-Agent in Safari in a few steps

As mentioned above, it is possible upload photos and videos on Instagram only from the application on your mobile device. This option is not yet available for the desktop application that you can download from the Web Store, nor from its website.

However, with this simple trick, you can trick Instagram and share your photos and videos from your Mac. What we will do is simply simulate logging in from a smartphone.

To do this you have to change it User Agent of your Safari or Chrome browser. Don't be alarmed, it sounds complex, but the reality is that it's very easy to do.

To do this in your Safari browser, you will start by opening the browser on your Mac. Go to the Safari menu and go by clicking Preferences> Advanced> Show Development Menu in the menu bar.

The next thing will be to close the window and search " Development “, Is the menu you have at the top of the screen. Hover over the menu options and click "User Agent" and choose "iPhone" or "iPod Touch".

This way you can use Instagram from your Safari browser as if you were doing it from your mobile device.

How to post photos and videos from Mac Chrome quickly and easily

To do this from your Chrome browser, right-click on the address bar and click on " Inspect ". Another way to access this menu is to press the keys “Cmd + Alt + I”.

Then, in the menu that appears, find and select the icon with a mobile device. Select one of the device names listed for you.

Then reload the browser page by pressing the keys “Cmd + R”.

This way you will see that it is very easy to switch to the mobile version of Instagram from your computer. Now to post photos and videos you can do it as if you were doing it from the mobile app.

To make a new publication, you just have to click on the camera icon that you have in the center at the bottom of the screen, find and select an image or video from your gallery. You can also add filters and crop the image. When you're done editing, share it on your profile.

It is important to reconfigure your Chrome or Safari browser after you finish sharing your photos and videos, as this will prevent the other websites you visit from loading as mobile versions.

At the moment it is the only alternative we have to do it from our computer Mac. Hopefully, the new desktop updates will make this easier.

If you have any questions about how upload photos and videos to Instagram from Mac in your Chrome or Safari browser, let us know below in the comments.

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