How to Upload Photos and Videos to Instagram Stories from Gallery - Step by Step

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The world of networks has provided us with a great variety of applications that have brought us great benefits, since it has allowed us to know many parts of the world, if not even to visit it. Assist at a friend's wedding in a photo, get information of interest for all tastes and sizes, from downloading a game to learning a new language.

But among the most important things that it has allowed us to do, is that of being able to communicate with our family members, friends who perhaps due to the pandemic, we will not be able to see them again in a long time.

The most popular applications on the network is Facebook, which is a social network that allows communication with millions of users where photos and videos are shared and downloaded, promote your business, buy and sell your products, among others. You can even download videos with the lightweight Facebook Lite app.

Within another of the applications most used by many is WhatsApp, it also allows you to keep in touch with your friends and family, make video calls, activate a status, send voice notes, if you are one of those who prefer to talk instead of transcribing.

Another is Instagram which has been very useful and popular these days as you can post Photo and video, you can also download Instagram for free on your PC.

When Instagram was created

It owes its beginnings in San Francisco thanks to the American programmer and entrepreneur Kevin Systrom and to the Brazilian, co-founder and director Mike Krieger, on 6 October 2010 launched on the market by the Apple App Store.

After several updates and only 2 years after it was launched, the version for the Android system was born and was finally acquired by Facebook for the sum of one billion dollars.   

Instagram What is it and what does it allow me to do?

THE Instagram application it is available for Android, Windows Mobile and IOS operating systems, as well as you can get it from its web address.

Instagram will allow you to upload and share your best moments with a huge number of users by recording short videos, stories, photographs and you can even schedule to get your publications.

Before you can share them, you can edit them with a variety of filters, colors, frames and even label them, maybe you have your own company too, you haven't made it known in the networking world. And create your own album and promote it, then we will explain step by step how to do it.

How to Upload Photos and Videos to Instagram Stories from Gallery - Step by Step

Step 1

Download the application from the Play Store or the App Store from your PC, phone or tablet with Android, IOS or Windows Mobile operating system.

Step 2

Open the application, if this is the first time, it will ask you to register via your email or Facebook account.

3 pass

Edit your profile, so that it looks more attractive, interesting and reliable, specify it very well, so it will be easier to identify.

4 pass

Once you have the photos or videos you want to upload, do the following: go to the "+" symbol found in the menu at the bottom of the Instagram window.

5 pass

Select the photo or video you want, if it is a recent photo, it will simply appear as soon as you press that icon ("+"), otherwise you have to locate the photo where you have saved it, be it in the gallery, in the cloud or in your memory, locate it and simply select it.

6 pass

The photograph will show a grid, which indicates that if you want to change it, it's time to do it, there you can place a filter of the color you want or change it, then press the word «next» which is in the upper right part.

7 pass

A last window will open in which you will be asked for your preference options, there it will be shown to your contacts, the footer of your photo or video such as: the title or name, the location and who you want to tag it, that is it! Your contacts can now see it.

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