How to upload, share and post a file to a Facebook group

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Groups are also a way to get organized online. The first thing we're going to explain is how to create a group in a few steps.

create a new group, the first thing to do is click on the button " Crea “, You can see it at the top right on Facebook and then select "Group".

So, you have to write a name for the group, try to make it something that is easy to identify and that relates to the topic to be discussed in it. Next, add the members and choose the Privacy Settings, that is, who can see the information shared within it.

After you have customized and configured your group, click on " Created. Once created, you can upload a cover image and add a short description.

Ideally, only group administrators share all corporate or corporate information in the group. You can update the group whenever you want by changing the description and posting a statement.

How to add a file to a group quickly and easily

add a file to a group, the first thing you need to do is access the news section from your browser or access the app on your device.

In case you do it from a computer, you have to click on “Groups” in the left menu. If you do this from the app, you have this menu at the top right of the screen. Select your group.

Once in your group, to the right of “Write something…”, click on “More> Add File> Select File”. There you have to select the file from your computer or device. You can choose to add a comment on the file and finally click " Public ".

It is important to note that links to Dropbox files can be shared outside the group. And that, moreover, will depend on the privacy settings your group needs to determine who can see, upload and download these files.

Upload a PDF to Facebook in just a few steps

Another option you have is to share a PDF file. The advantage of this type of file is that you can share it pretending to be an image, allowing us to load such a file in the same way.

Before uploading the PDF file, we need to make a small change to its format, converting it to pdf2social. Once we enter your site, we will need to log in to Facebook to continue.

First we need to grant permissions. Then, we need to select the PDF file we want to convert, you can add some text to accompany the content.

Finally you have to click on " Converted ". The result will be obtain files in the form of images which you can then share similar to how you would share a picture or video.

To share photos or videos with a group, we'll do the following:

  • From your computer, in the news section, find and select "Groups" in the left menu and choose the group you want to share in.
  • Remember that if you are doing this from your device, this menu is located at the top right of the application.
  • Then, click "Add Photo / Video" at the top of the group. The next thing is to choose an option to share: " upload photos / videos ”Or“ Create photo / video album ”if there are more than one image.
  • You can add text to accompany the publication. When you are ready to share the content, press the "Publish" button.

As you could see it is very simple and you have more than one alternative to upload, share and publish a file on a Facebook group

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