How to use and activate Apple's Airplay tool on Mac? - Quick and easy

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You can even use the Airplay tool to play music via a smart TV, or if you prefer, you can play videos. Something like connecting a sports camera for streaming or broadcasting.

I invite you to continue reading this section in order to learn how to use and activate lo strumento Airplay Apple on Mac.

How does Airplay work?

Before learning how to use and activate lo tool Airplay di Apple su Mac, the first thing you should know is that by understanding what Bluetooth is and what it is for, how it works and how to use it on mobile devices, you will know that Airplay is not Bluetooth, although Airplay can also stream audio over the traditional local network.

While Bluetooth compresses the transmission of the audio stream, Airplay maintains the original quality of the file during playback.

Also, while the Bluetooth range is limited to 30 meters, the Airplay's range can be as wide as your WiFi network.

Finally, Bluetooth can only interact with one device at a time, while Airplay is capable of sending signals to multiple receivers at the same time.

All these advantages make Airplay an ideal option for creating a home multimedia system. There are some analogues, but they require special devices for streaming or expensive receivers that support Airplay technology.


In short, Apple Airplay makes it easy to view pictures, watch movies, your favorite games or listening to music directly from your TV or Mac.

Use and activate Airplay on Mac

The Airplay tool is a great way to share content via iOS devices are Apple o are smart TV.

It gives you the ability to share music, photos, videos or just mirror your entire computer screen to a larger screen.

Then carry out the process using and activating lo tool Airplay di Apple su Mac it's extremely simple, you just need to do the following.

Your mac

With your Mac turned on and the operating system loaded, you need to verify that it is connected to a WiFi network. The device that will receive or send information to the Mac must also be connected to the same WiFi network.

Then, find the video you want to show in Airplay, Safari, QuickPlayer or any other compatible application.

You have to open the option " Preferences of System “. Now look for the icon " Screenshots “, Which looks like a computer monitor.

In the on-screen menu, make sure you've turned on Airplay. Do this by using the two blue arrows to access the drop-down menu.

Make sure the "Show duplicate options in menu bar when" box is also checked available ".


You should now look for the Airplay icon in the top menu bar (it looks like a computer monitor with an arrow down).

Select the device on which you want to play the multimedia content, be it your Smart or Apple TV from the drop-down menu and that's it. To stop Airplay, you need to click on the Airplay icon and select " Disable Airplay ".

This way you can use and activate Apple's Airplay tool on Mac. A really simple process to perform.

Play Mac Screen

With the Airplay tool you also have the option to mirror your Mac's screen to a compatible Apple or Smart TV.

You need to be sure that your Mac and your Smart TV or Apple TV are connected to the same WiFi network.

In the menu at the top of the Mac screen, look for the Airplay icon, the same monitor icon with an arrow down. You have to select it.

Choose the smart TV you want your Mac to reflect on. A password will appear on the TV screen you need copy it to your Mac, and that's it.

To stop the on-screen process, disable Airplay by selecting the monitor icon with an arrow and clicking " Disable Airplay ".

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