How to use and easily connect a wired keyboard to my iPad

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Many times our world can turn into real hell if we don't know or understand how things work. And in this case we have the instructions you need to follow to the letter and you can easily use and connect a wired keyboard to your iPad. The same thing that could be done to connect a mouse to the iPad without any problems.

How to use and easily connect a wired keyboard to my iPad

Before continuing it is important that you know that there are other perfectly compatible devices and that you can connect to the iPad without problems. Via the Lightning connector it is possible send MIDI signals which allows the connection of instruments that use these signals.

If you are new to MIDI, it is a communication protocol that allows communication between computers and musical instruments, such as electronic drums or keyboards.

If you are one of the people used to doing tricks and getting the most out of your iPad. You should know that it is also possible to install extensions for the Safari browser on iPad, with which you will be able enjoy your Internet browsing much more on your device.

Very simple steps to easily use and connect a wired keyboard to my iPad

For a USB port to be useful you need to have, for example, a wired keyboard that has this type of USB port and a Host device, which must be compatible with that device, without this connection it is not possible. For the present case, the Host device is the iPad and now we need to find a wired keyboard compatible with it.

Once we have a keyboard handy that can be used and connected to the iPad, the first thing we will do is take the USB Lightning adapter cable and plug it into the iPad. Then take the tip that has the USB port and connect it to the connector you need to buy which allows the connection of two USB cables.

In this way, two USB ports will be connected and your keyboard should work perfectly on the iPad. To check this you can open the Notes application and create a new note and start writing anything.

This is just to verify that the keyboard is working properly, you can enlarge the text or font size if you wish to make this process even easier.

In case your keyboard doesn't write, try the connection in reverse way, plug the keyboard into the adapter first, and from the adapter plug it into the iPad. And that way the keyboard should already work and now you can seamlessly enter text into the application you have opened.

And so in this simple way you knew a trick that Apple had dealt very well with and is now familiar to you. But it is important to know that not only can these devices connect, it is also possible connect your iPad to a monitor, projector or TV and see the screen more clearly.

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