How to use HomePod with or without WiFi connection to play music from AirPlay

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The HomePod is a smart speaker, created by Apple to play music or play sounds of a relaxing environment. If you are thinking of buying one, you would like to know how to use HomePod with or without WIFI connection to play music from AirPlay.

It is available in 2 sizes and has a system called AirPlay, to carry out exchanges between Apple devices ; This speaker works with Siri and this in turn with a WIFI connection.

If you don't have internet, it makes sense that Siri won't be able to search for the music you want to listen to, but this doesn't happen with HomePod. Since with AirPlay you will be able to listen to stations with or without Internet; but this function is disabled.

What are the functions of the Apple HomePod to play music?

In February 2018, the Apple company launched a smart speaker called HomePod, which plays music, at the same time, most of the its functions are associated with Siri, which is an artificial intelligence of the company ..

In addition, he collaborates in daily activities, planning them; This HomePod speaker has the advantage of adapting to where you place it; Besides connect multiple speakers at the same time.

What is the AirPlay system for playing music?

In 2004, this system was also created by the Apple company, but it was launched under the name of AirTunes, and was advancing and evolving until in 2010 was known as AirPlay ; being its last update in 2018.

Its goal is to share content sending music and videos to exchange between iPhone devices, iPads, iPods, televisions, speakers or music equipment from the same Apple house and wirelessly, without cables; This system works with the WiFi network.

That is, it is played by a single source, but all compatible with each other, to various devices, because they are within the same network; Likewise, you can observe what you do on your computer, mobile or tablet.

How do I set up HomePod to play audio from AirPlay?

This AirPlay system is disabled, which means that you have to configure it to be able to play the sound, in all your Apple devices; The first thing to do is plug the HomePod speaker into an electrical outlet.

Next, unlock the iOS devices and place them near the HomePod, now using the iPad or iPhone, click on the "My Home" icon, which is located in the upper left; then another click on “Allow Speaker Access”.

Then a click over all", even if you wish, and optionally you can click on “Request password”, to limit the sending of audio to your HomePod; With this, this feature gets enabled for all the HomePod speakers you have.

Use a HomePod with or without a WIFI connection to play music from AirPlay

In any of the Apple devices you use as a transmitter, you will see 3 icons where the one for sending the video is represented on the left side, then on the central part for sending audio and on the right the screen transmission.

Now to send the audio, there are 2 ways to do it, one of them is via an application you are using on any of your devices, for this, open it and then press AirPlay; then choose if it is in 1 or more speakers.

The other way is through the Control Center of any of the devices, to open it and, depending on the model, slide your finger up or down, then click on the AirPlay icon; you end up choosing the speakers where the music will play.

Everything is completed by connecting two AirPods devices to the same iPhone, and configuring the controls and functions of the AirPods from your iPhone, to fully enjoy your favorite music.

As you can see, the Apple company's AirPlay system makes it easy for you to use your speaker or HomePod, regardless of whether or not you have an internet connection at the time, because as mentioned it has it just needs to be configured, since it is disabled.

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