How to use your mobile as a second computer screen with Samsung SideSync

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If you have wondered how to use your mobile as a second screen on your computer? You can do this with Samsung SideSync, which is a utility that Samsung offers us for the exclusive use of its devices, as these are the only ones compatible with this method.

Through this you can view your mobile screen from the comfort of your computer, thus having a two in one. Also being able control your device in complete freedom. This can be useful if you have to work on your computer and don't want to waste time grabbing your cell phone.

This utility can be run wired, and if you can't connect your mobile phone to PC by cable, you can connect it by WIFI, it is important that the connection is stable.

How to install SideSync on my smartphone?

To install the program on our mobile phone, we must have an Internet connection, with mobile data or WIFI, although it is better to do it with WIFI, as the data may fail or break the connection.

To find it we have two ways, on the one hand you will need to have a Samsung user, to be able to enter the dedicated store for these devices, once you have it, you will have to open the app and in the search bar enter "SideSync", you need to extract an application that has two arrows pointing as an icon.

You will click Install and then accept the terms. With this, the download will begin, the other option is to download it directly from the Play Store, following similar steps but for this it will be enough start your Google account, in this option you have to be careful, as the Play Store is more susceptible to having pirated apps. 

For this you have to verify that the manufacturer is Samsung itself, and so you won't have to worry about installing the wrong app.

How do I install SideSync on my computer?

In the narrow case of PC or laptop, as there is no shop as such, you will have to go to the official Samsung website, and there you will have to go to support and then look for the option that says SideSync. With this you will be able to download it to your computer.

The program is not very heavy, and with a normal internet connection, you can have it in about 8 minutes on your PC, with this program you can share files between your mobile phone and your computer, wirelessly and easily. Being very practical for office work.

Having the file on your computer, you need to open it and to accept i terms of installation, the process is similar to any other program, you can choose whether or not to add the icon to the desktop.

There are those who say that for these applications to work correctly and quickly, you need to have the optimized equipment and the fast cellphone, this can be done if you reset it from the factory thus correcting any performance issues you may have.

How to use my mobile as a second computer screen with SideSync?

Once the program is installed on both our mobile and computer, we will have to open the app in each of the parts, on our mobile, it will turn out that we have to give it special permissions, we should not be afraid of this, now that this app is produced by Samsung itself.

From our PC, just click and a small vertical window will open, in which it says that you are looking for a device. When we open the program on the two devices, they will meet again. 

We can click from the PC to connect both devices, we accept from mobile, and immediately on the PC a window will appear with the shape of our mobile phone, in which we can use it without having to grab the mobile phone anymore.

Once the connection is established, we can select from the same PC if we want to transfer files or folders, we will have to open the app and the option will appear in the menu.

With this, our devices would be paired and we could take advantage of this application in its entirety, without any kind of restriction, since it does not have or require any type of payment.

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