How to watch Instagram videos with friends during a video call

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Reels, IGTV, video in feeds and movies and TV shows are some of the audiovisual content that can be seen on Instagram. Success is not just about having good content, but also about providing a good viewing experience to your users. Instagram achieves this thanks to features like "Watch Together", which allows you to watch videos and movies with friends during a video call.

In this guide we will learn how to use one of the most interesting tools which Instagram recently added, a feature we have been asking for from streaming platforms for a long time. Get the popcorn, because it is the only thing you need to share watching videos and movies on Instagram with your friends.

Use Instagram's “Watch Together” feature to watch videos and movies with your friends.

How to watch Instagram videos with friends during a video call

Facebook wants to compete with platforms like Netflix and HBO producing long-term audiovisual content allying himself with famous people such as singer Post Malone or digital creator Avani Gregg, both with their own series.

The social network itself Facebook, Messenger and Instagram are the main beneficiaries of this strategy, because that's where you can see this exclusive content. In order for users to have a viewing experience up to par, the company has added a very cool feature to Messenger and Instagram called "View Together".

What does this tool work on? Well, when you have a video call with other users on Instagram, you can open the videos uploaded to the social platform for view and comment on them at the same time.

You can choose from the contents that you they liked them, the content you have stored in the Saved section or let yourself be surprised by suggested posts from Instagram based on your interests.

We tried “Seeing Together” and the reality is that the experience was very satisfying, as it facilitates the joint viewing of videos on Instagram without having to resort to other applications. Step by step, we explain how to watch instagram videos with your friends during a video call:

  1. Open Instagram and access the conversation with the contact or group you want to watch videos with.
  2. Click camera icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Once the other user has accepted the call, click on the button below "Multimedia content".
  4. Navigate through the different tabs to find the video you want to watch and click on it to add it to your video call. When you do, it will come played in the upper half of the screen, While the half lower will be reserved for your image and that of the rest of the participants.

You can change that video to another at any time reopening “Multimedia Contents” or delete it to continue with the video call normally by clicking on the "Delete" button. Also, in long videos it is possible stop and resume playback with the controls that appear on the screen.

Without a doubt, this is already one of our favorite Instagram features. From here we encourage streaming services such as Netflix or HBO to take control of the social network to add similar tools that allow us to watching series and movies with friends while we discuss them via video call. That wouldn't be a bad idea, would it?

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