How to win friends and influence enemies in World of Warcraft - Recruit and invite a friend to play WoW

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What is a mission in World of Warcraft?

When we talk about WoW missions, we mean the essence of this amazing video game. What to do, where to go, how to attack and among many other actions within the so-called missions is the heart of World of Warcraft and honestly it's the best there is.

If you've been a longtime WoW player, you'll understand what we mean when we say missions matter and, basically, why players play. Nothing is more interesting than dedicating intense minutes of concentration to complete a mission.

Now, what is a mission and why is it the best there is? To understand it you have to play, and play well to overcome the missions. A mission is a assigned task from the game, often from an NPC, and sometimes from objects and signs found in a player's wanderings.

With a mission, the player is entertained by trying to complete what is required of it, and once completed, the player earns experience to advance to the level, as well as other rewards that will help him keep passing missions later on.

An example of missions is "How to Win Friends and Influence Enemies in World of Warcraft", and sometimes completing it is a bit boring, so we will explain briefly how to do it.

How to win friends and influence enemies in World of Warcraft?

This mission, although not the hardest in the whole game, is sometimes port obstacles with which most players get stuck on.

The first thing we must do is always detail well what they ask of us. This search is confidential to the Death Knight, who must find out the truth about Crimson Dawn.

The mission begins with an order from Prince Keleseth, who asks to to make the Scarlet Crusade speak, through persuasion with the object provided by the mission. It should be remembered that this prince belongs to the Crypt of Memories. And the whole mission takes place in the land of the plague.

As an item we will have a box, which bears the name of 'Box decorated with jewels'. Within this, the prince will bring out his persuaders and the Death Knight will place them on himself to begin the mission.

What you have to do then is to follow the description: you have to go and kill the soldiers of the New Avalon, and apply only the pointed ends to them; in this way he will persuade men to say the truth about Crimson Dawn.

How to recruit and invite a friend to play WoW?

The aforementioned mission is not that simple, but it cannot be said to be impossible either. However, the recommended thing for every mission will always be to have the minimum requirements to play World of Warcraft.

This mission is single player, but there are also multiplayer missions; therefore we recommend PCs (player character) to recruit or invite i friends to play WoW.

Recruiting or inviting a friend to play WoW is also a very simple process. You just have to go to the official website of the video game and there you will have to generate the invitation link to recruit your friends in the social panel.

A user will only have the ability to recruit and invite four friends playing WoW on your account. So you will receive rewards from the game.

Other than that, you can also socialize more with guild building in World of Warcraft and you will have a better experience.

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