How to wrap and protect a charger cable from damage

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The cables are made up of conductors of electricity inside, which makes it work properly when plugged in. So even if they are displayed correctly on the outside and in good condition, care must be taken in the way you roll it up so that the drivers do not suffer damage on the inside.

At the same time it is possible protect the union of the cable with the connector, which is the part that takes the most damage. You can help yourself with a spring that you need to wrap carefully on the charger cable this way you will avoid it bending and getting damaged.

Find out how to properly wind the charger cable

Initially the first thing you need to do is lengthen the cable, you also need to check that it has no knots or kinks.

Then you can grab the cable and start wrap it in a circle with the help of both hands. So you can help yourself with a rope or belt to tie the cable, remember to protect the union of the cable with the connector or plug at all times.

In turn, these methods help when you remove the cable from a charger and want to prevent it from getting lost or wandering around without being in a secure location.

Another method that can work is to take the cable but not from the end of the connection but from the bottom. Always remember to be careful when joining the cable and connector if you don't have extra protection per quell’area.

Then having the cable connected in the correct way you can wind it with the help of the fingers of the hand so that it is correctly in the shape of a circle. Once you're done, you can grab one end, pull it out a bit, and then you can start wrapping it like a coil.

Eventually you will notice that the two ends will be together and the cable will be in perfect condition so you can store it later.

You can also perform this procedure for chargers that cannot be removed from the cable. The cable must be grasped under the junction of the charger and the same procedure must be performed to wrap it in a circle. Finally with the end it can be wrapped in the shape of a helix.

Tips for securing and keeping cables organized

At the same time, there are multiple ways to wrap a cable in this way, you will prevent them from tangling and also avoid clutter.

You can initially grab the cable and give it an up and down movement joining it without having to wrap it; once you are done you can secure it with a rubber band or glue. It is a different technique, as you will not have to wrap the cable and it will also protect the connections.

You can also wrap the cord in the shape of a chain. Then take the yarn and give it about two turns in a circle, so the remaining part of the yarn that is taut. You can grab it and with the help of your fingers you can pull it through the center of the circle.

Then stretch it a little, creating another circle in this way, repeat the step until you run out of the cable and in the end you will get the shape of the chain. Pointing out that this method is doable for long charging cables.

Another method that can be useful is to wrap the cable with the nodo a spirale and at the end you can use the cord to twist it in the center of the spiral so you will avoid tying it with a garter or glue. Finally, pass the end through one of the spaces of the spiral you created in this way you will get a good tie.

So there are several ideas or methods you can implement to be able to organize and wrap your charger cables perfectly. Also, this way you can protect them from damage or cracking.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear from you. Have you been able to wind up a charging cable with these methods? Do you know any other techniques for wrapping a charging cable? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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