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Blogger, presents you with an easy and simple platform to use, which in addition to various Google services is totally free. It has a platform efficient, fast and dynamic, which will make writing a fun and liberating routine.

These entries or posts are indexed and displayed as part of the search results within Google. In this post, we want to help you publish the your entries within the website of Blogger, quickly and easily.

What are the parts of a blog post

Typically, a blogger post consists of two main sections.

  • Post title: this will be the text, which will give the post a name. With this, your viewers can be lured towards the topic that your content will cover.
  • Voice body: this would be the content as such of the entire entry. Here you can include different types of text, images and videos.

What are the steps to create a blog post on Blogger

To start your blog, you need to enter some entries and information so that your users feel identified with the content. To enter this entry, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Start by entering the Blogger website.
  • Once inside, you need to enter the section where it says "New entry" you will recognize it because it appears at the top and is inside a button Orange.
  • Once the edit panel is open, you should start writing your post title.
  • After defining the title, proceed to complete with text and images part of what will be the body of yours post. Here you can see that with the help of various text editors, you can adapt the post and its content to be the way you want. You can do this with the help of buttons like bold, italics, font size, etc.
  • If you want to see how your post is doing, you can click the button "Preview" in so you can see what the post will look like once it's published.
  • When you are done with all the adjustments and corrections, you just have to click on the " Public ”And everything is ready to delight your followers.

What other options does this web platform offer you?

Once you have created an entry, you can publish or save it as normal at any time. It is also important that you know that all of these posts; you can continue editing at another time thanks to the options that the platform presents to you.

It is known how to modify an entry for the action of making any kind of change before it is published within the blog. The edition usually includes all those changes that are made to the voice. It should be noted that you also have the option to manually index a Blogger post in Google Search Console.

When the entry is created and stored on the web, you can use the following options:

  • Publish: this is the best known, as with it your voice will be on yours website in view of all your users.
  • Save: When you leave a text here, the entry is stored automatically and in a safe place where only you can access it, so it will not be published.
  • Preview: this is one of the most useful options you will find. With it, you can preview what said entry will look like once it's posted so you can see everything you should or shouldn't correct before it's released to the public.

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