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The error Instagram does not upload photos in the gallery is a very common error that you can find on social networks. Currently social networks they are part of our daily life, thanks to them we are aware of the activities and actions that our acquaintances and friends carry out. In addition to knowing everything that happens in the world. Likewise, these platforms help us in an excellent way to communicate with people close to our location and from different parts of the planet.

I social network si have evolved over the years. Allowing us to adapt excellently to new tools, tools, options, services and needs of the respective users of these platforms, becoming part of our lives as such. There are currently various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Tik Tok, but none of them can be compared to Instagram.

We will then give you a small summary of all that is Instagram and that this interesting social network can offer us, moreover we will also investigate a little in the characteristics of this new platform, so stay with us and find out all the data, information and details related to this popular social network known throughout the planet.

What is Instagram and what can it offer us?

It is a social network launched on the market at the end of 2010 which has received one resounding success for its different facets and its totally different qualities compared to other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Instagram has evolved over the years to the point that it is now considered one of the most used social networks in the world.

The success of this incredible platform is largely due to its own various functions and absolutely unique features like its total attention to multimedia content forgetting some very typical options of other social networks and focusing on presenting a totally new and innovative style to their respective users and to the entire market as such.

In the year 2021, a count of users was carried out in which it is estimated that approx more than 1 billion people are active today in this social network, thus becoming one of the most established and well-known social networks in the world, managing to break all types of records.

It is also important to note that this social network is available on several platforms, web browsers and operating systems. In case you want to download it on your mobile device, you can search for it from the Play Store if you have an Android system or from the App Store if you have iOS. On the other hand, you can also download it from an alternative or third-party store.

On Instagram you can enjoy publish any kind of photos and videos What do you desire on your profile, we may also share other people's publications or pages as such. We can also use the Stories mode, in which we can publish all kinds of content that will last 24 hours until they are completely deleted.

Why Instagram photos don't appear in the gallery

Sometimes when we upload a post or try to save a photo from Instagram, does not appear or does not appear in the gallery. You shouldn't lose your cool as it can be a simple mistake or a mismatch of your phone or application.

This type of error is very common if for one reason or another we don't have a good internet signal. Instagram is an application focused entirely on multimedia content such as photos and videos, therefore, in order to use it normally, we will have to look for a good internet signal.

Another possible reason for which this can happen is due to a failure in the central servers of this social network. That is, we are talking about a global error.

Likewise, if Instagram doesn't upload photos to the gallery, it might be because application permissions were not accepted correctly. Each time an application is installed, it asks you to accept the terms and conditions of service before installing it. These are the permissions that are given to the application so that it can access the other tools of the mobile phone.

Another factor could be the downloading of the images in a album other than what you usually use. Since due to some circumstances or errors, the download location may be changed automatically without you noticing. So it is recommended that you check the gallery very well to see if you have not created another Instagram album where the photos are downloaded.

Restart the app

A very simple way to rule out that the application is not working is restart this app. In this sense, you have to exit the application on the main screen of the phone and delete it from the open applications.

After that, all you have to do is reopen the application and try to download the photo again. If this solution was not adequate and the problem persists, it could be another type of error and requires a slightly more complex solution.

What happens when you can't upload photos to Instagram

When Instagram does not upload photos to the gallery, it is because there is an error in the application or on the phone. This can cause problems with the app like when Instagram blocks posts. Likewise, it could be due to problems in our phone's operating system or internet connection.

How to save Instagram photos in gallery

If Instagram doesn't save photos in gallery, you can very easily activate the option to fix it. First, you have to log into the Instagram application and when you enter it you have to look for the icon where your account is located. Next, you need to mark where they were made the settings and then log into the account part.

In this part you have to look at the fourth option called original publications in you should enter. Three more options will appear which are those that allow you to save photos, videos and publications in the phone gallery. You have to make sure that each of them is active so that everything can be saved. If none of this works, you can still run one of the various options that will appear.

If for some reason we don't have a decent internet signal, the best we can do is locate somewhere else where we can get a good network connection, otherwise it is very likely that we will not be able to see any publications or even the application may never open.

Delete Instagram data

One of the possible solutions that can be done when Instagram does not upload photos to the gallery is to delete all data. This causes the removal of access to the accounts you are logged in to in that application. However, the account will not be completely deleted if it cannot be entered again.

You just have to go to where the phone settings are, after which you have to look in the applications. In this place, you look for the Instagram application and enter this part, all application data comes out there.
In one of these parts you can see the button that says clear or clear data. After pressing this bar, you will be prompted for confirmation of the process and then the data will be deleted. Then you have to log into your account again.

Update your application

Another solution is that you can update Instagram, for this you just have to go to the Google Play Store. In this shop you look for the app and click the update button if you don't have the latest version yet.
After waiting for the new update to download, you can access the application again. There you should try again if Instagram doesn't upload the photos to the gallery.

Check your internet connection

You can search for another Wi-Fi network or if so, restart your home router to restart the internet. Switch off and turn on the Wi - Fi phone is an option you shouldn't override so the phone can reestablish the connection. You can also try turning your phone off and on again.

You can also move around and find a better location in case you are connected from your phone's mobile data. So it is best to find a point where the signal is optimal.

Reinstall the app

If the error persists and you think the problem is with the application, you can uninstall the app and install it again. To do this, you need to search in the settings and then go to where the information of the applications is.

You have to go to the Instagram application and below you can find the uninstall option. When this process is complete, you need to go to the Google Play Store and search for the application again. Then you have to hit the download button and when this happened, log into your account and try to download the photos.

Instagram doesn't let me upload photos to stories

If the Instagram app doesn't give you permission to upload photos to stories, it could be due to one of the reasons explained above. But it is very likely that the reason is because the application permissions have been accepted.

To activate them, you just have to go to the settings of the phone or device you use. So you have to go into the applications and search for Instagram, there devi also enter permissions. The last thing you should do is make sure that all options are marked with the Allow button.

Posting photos on Instagram has been blocked

There are times when the posts or stories cannot be uploaded because Instagram has blocked the account. This happens when an account or person doesn't respect Instagram's rules. In this sense, it can be by uploading inappropriate content or when third-party apps are used to increase your followers.

If for some reason none of the photos and Instagram posts upload you and you have a very good internet connection, it's probably a problem on the servers, so we'll just have to wait.

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