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As usual, Instagram has incorporated a number of new features focused on the content creation. We have already seen it through the “Stories”, then the “Reels” arrived and now the “Guides”.

While this is a feature available in May only for influencers, since November 17 Instagram has announced the inclusion of Guides for all users, since thanks to the positive receptivity and to the demands of the public, it promises very powerful tool. If you want to know more about them, be sure to read this article.

What are Instagram guides and what are they for?

What are Instagram guides?

Le guide o Instagram Guide they are a new way of view the contents on the platform. The intention of the social networks is that content creators, public figures, influencers and organizations with a large audience show the content to the public.

The idea is to help users access useful and relevant information on various topics faster and easier through topics, tips, advice and more.

Instagram guides, the new function of the social network

Until recently it was an exclusive feature for those accounts selected by the platform and focused on "Health and wellness" as a way to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, thanks to their great receptivity they have spread all over the world, that is to say, have finally reached all profiles. How do you read! Now you can use the guides and create your own publications.

As for the aesthetics of this section, the classic structure of the social network defined by an image with a title is maintained, this is the first aspect when coming into contact with the public.

Can I create my own Guides?

The answer is yes. Now all users can create their own guides and post them in the Instagram store so that visitors can get recommendations from you. Next, we will leave you a little step by step in which we explain how can you create your own guides on instagram.

  • Enter yours Instagram application.
  • Tap the photo icon located at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Your profile screen will appear. Press the icon "+" located at the top of your profile.
  • Then, choose the option “Guide”.

Start creating your Instagram guide, the process is easy

  • Now, select the driving type you are going to create based on the categories presented. You can choose between "Places, products or publications".
  • You can choose from your own photos, videos or files of your content or one that you have saved from other accounts.
  • Enter your "Title and description" in each of the content you are about to share.
  • Choose the cover image you prefer or let Instagram do it by default.
  • Now, click "Forward" and then "Share". Intelligent! Your guide has been shared with your community directly on your profile.

Select a favorite theme, include images and share with your friends

How can you see the guides?

If you want to access other people's guides, the first thing you need to do is log into one of your favorite accounts and you will see a new icon on their profile which has the form of "Paper guides". You just have to choose that section and you will immediately see all the content created in guide format to date.

If you still feel lost, we'll explain it step by step:

All users have access to Instagram guides

  • Log in all’app Instagram.
  • Locate the Profile preferred.
  • In the shop bar you will see a new section identified with a guide or an open book, click on it.
  • This way you will have access to all the content and advice of other users.

It is understood that the idea is that the content that is created through this tool is of quality and truly useful, that it adds value and is transcendental to the audience.

And as you will see, it is possible to view and even share them on your profile. You can share them via direct messages to your friends or family or simply publish them as part of your stories for greater reach. Also, if you want to save them or make them part of your collection it's also possible.

The best accounts to view Instagram guides

Some influencers and accounts with many followers have joined this new trend and created their own guide Instagram to keep your community informed. Among these we point out:


AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) is an association that seeks to encourage people through positive thoughts and psychological help to prevent increase of suicide rate. Everything for mental health can be achieved thanks to this group of people. Of course, they created their own guide section on Instagram to foster a smarter culture and educate society.


@heads_together is another association focused on the improved mental health, where themes of kindness and awareness to change the perspective of life and look at the world in a different way. This foundation was started by the royal family, led by the Duke, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.


@vitaalere is an organization created for the protection and safety of children and adolescents, especially in this era of technology and the Internet where more and more of our children are exposed. The idea is based on the care and guidance of parents, teachers, coordinators to maintain the integrity of the child. Your guides via Instagram provide valuable information that can help you keep the control of social networks in our world.


When it comes to Health and Wellness @deepikapadukone is ideal for you. This time it is a space with many tips, secrets and key points for keeping mental health in balance.

@ alreadydong

@sudahdong is a program created for combat physical or psychological harassment millions of children in schools, also known as Bullying. The guides and information on this account are aimed at all countries of the world, especially to raise awareness of the damage caused.


@eenfance tries to reduce, like alreadydong, the levels of Bullying and works for positive transformation of all human beings. At the same time, it supports parents and representatives of each family in the culture of cyberbullying and care the integrity of minors.

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