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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks of the moment, with millions of users around the world who share photos and videos daily through the platform. In the last few years, the progress of Instagram were remarkable in terms of functions and tools, especially by highlighting some Stories that you can easily create your own filters for.

One of the successes of Instagram is that it allows you to share a lot of information with your followers, even the place where you took those beautiful photographs that you upload to your feed or stories. If you still don't know how to put the position of your posts on Instagram, pay attention, because we explain how to do it step by step.

Location on Instagram: how to insert it in your posts

Location is information that you can add to both the photos and videos you upload to your "feed", those that remain permanently in your profile, and the content you share through Stories, which disappear 24 hours after being posted. You just need a few seconds of your time to tell your followers where you got those pictures you now share.

How to insert location in your Instagram Stories

Instagram has a custom option to add location information to your Stories, being able to choose between three different designs. This is a similar process to adding GIFs to stories. Step by step, then you can enter the location in these temporary posts:

1º- Open Instagram and scroll left to right for open the Stories camera.

2º- Take a photo or video right now or choose one from your mobile gallery.

3º- Once you have the photo or video on the screen, click sticker icon that appears at the top of the screen, between the download button and the draw button.

4 ° - In the options menu that appears, select the Position label, the first of the second line.

5º- If you have GPS activated on your mobile, Instagram will recognize the locations closest to the current one. If that's not what you want to add to Stories, search for a location by typing it in the text field. When it appears in the list below, click on it to be added to your publication.

6º- Instagram adds the location with the first design of those available, you just have to tap the label to change its appearance.

7º- When you are satisfied with the position and appearance of the label, publish the story and all your followers will be able to see where you are or where you took that beautiful picture of your last trip.

How to put location on your Instagram photos

You can also share the location of those photos and videos you share directly in your feed. While this is a practice that has lost its popularity after the arrival of the Stories, it is still important to know all the data you can add to them to get the most out of them. Step by step, so you can insert the location into your photos:

1º- Open Instagram and click the + button, in the center of the bar at the bottom of the screen.

2 ° - Select the photo or video you want to upload from the gallery and click Next, in the upper right corner. You can also take a photo or video at the moment with the options appearing in the bottom bar.

3º- In this will take you to the next screen where you will need to change the look of the image. When done, click Next in the top right corner.

4 ° - Click Add Location, an option that appears under Tag People.

5º- As in the Stories, if you have enabled the location, Instagram will recognize the closest locations where you are. If this isn't the position you want to add, you can look for a new one typing in the text field. When the exact location you want to insert in your photo appears, click on it and it will be added immediately.

6 ° - When you're done editing the photo and adding more information, click Share so that the image is published in your feed and all your followers can know its position.

Quick and easy, this is the process of inserting location into Instagram photos or stories thanks to the platform's integrated tools to add such information. After discovering this possibility, you can continue to improve your publications thanks to these free apps with which you can create the best Stories of all Instagram.

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