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Given the continuous evolution of mobile devices, the possibility has been achieved to create new, more viable alternatives for certain moments and situations, new terminals with much more powerful and innovative features and qualities that they offer to users as such. a new experience and a new point of view much more interesting than the one that has been raised in previous years.

Tablets or, as their translation indicates, tablets, are mobile terminals that for the most part have  technical and quality much more powerful compared to those of a common smartphone, but undoubtedly their most striking aspect is that these devices tend to be much larger, with a much larger screen and frame than the largest cell phone on the market.

These devices have been on the market for a long time, but as such, only a few decades ago they had a positive impact on the market. Major companies such as Apple have presented their new and sophisticated tablets with the iOS operating system. These showed users a large number of qualities and features never seen before in previous terminals.

Faced with this big positive shift in the market that Apple has emerged, several companies and brands focused on telephony have got to work. to create your own tablets. Today the vast majority of companies in this field have their own versions of tablets which are generally integrated with the Android operating system.

Among the main advantages that a tablet can offer us, we can consider the possibility of watching all kinds of movies, series or videos on a much larger screen. These terminals have been created with the aim of being used comfortably from our home in the face of any type of activity that is not up to our common mobile device.

Why is my tablet slow?

This question is always in the air when you have a tablet with that problem, the answer is that the causes can be very varied and of that variety, your tablet could suffer one or more at the same time. Among the most common reasons are:

Get slow with apps

This type of terminal is very well known for thanks to its large internal storage space and good RAM memory, so generally most people, having so much space available, end up downloading an exaggerated number of apps to the point of becoming full or almost completely full. the memory. Many applications start working just as the computer is turned on, thus causing the tablet to slow down, so it is recommended that you free up storage space from time to time.

It crashes with games

When a tablet freezes with games it is because it can be very heavy with graphics that exceed the capacity of the tablet's video card. The problem can also be generated when the game has a lot of commercials in the middle of its breaks that cause an extra expenditure of energy for the team.

When a game presents you with this type of problem, it is best that you try to visualize where exactly the error is and if you need to eliminate it to improve the performance of your tablet, you should.

On the other hand, there are reasons why, while they are not the main ones, they can also happen. They are among them:

Full memory: other options As in any mobile device, when we have completely full our memory, it could start to malfunction because our terminal cannot work completely well and this causes our tablet to slow down in several aspects and some apps cannot function normally.

RAM: Another possible reason why our Android tablet is slow it is due to RAM memory. Many users, knowing that they have excellent RAM in some cases, exploit it excessively, thus obtaining that when we want to use some kind of app, our tablet cannot support it because several functions are performed at the same time, which is why it is important. free up RAM memory to speed up your Tablet.

Virus: There is also a possibility that for some reason we have downloaded some kind of malicious file or a virus on our terminal. This can happen if, for one circumstance or another, we end up looking for or downloading an App from an unknown online store. This could be the main reason why we may have a virus on our tablet.

How to make my tablet faster?

There are a few options that will help you have a faster tablet and avoid that slowdown problem caused by endless variations. Among the most important options you can do, you have:

Development options (reduces animation speed)

Normally this option is hidden in Android devices to avoid accidental use of these options as they are useful for App developers. However, even if you don't manage all the language, there are options that will help you have a faster team. To do that, you just need to follow the following steps:

  • Go to the option Settings - About phone - Build number.
  • Click on the latter option 7 times until an ad appears saying you are now a developer.
  • Now go to an option called Developer Settings. It's in the settings menu, before the About tablet option.
  • Now locate the 3 options that will help us with the speed of the tablet. These options are called Window Animation Scale, Transition-Animation Scale, Animator Transition Scale.
  • Select each of these scales and change them from 1x to 0,5x. With this you can experience smoother fluidity on your tablet.

Restart the tablet

The restart point of the tablet is based on the fact that there are many applications running in the background and when you close them you will limit the use of the cache. All of this will lead to a slightly smoother tablet.

Update app

Applications that have not been updated for a long time can cause tablet performance issues. Like those applications that are not used and only occupy a space that reduces the fluidity of the tablet.

If we have many applications downloaded to our tablet, it's best to try selecting and uninstalling the ones you don't use much. This will greatly improve the performance of our terminal when we want to use it.

Another solution is try not to use so many applications at the same time, this can greatly affect the functioning of our RAM memory. When we try to cure this aspect we will never have problems related to the speed of our device.

If you think you have a virus for some reason, it is best to download a specialized antivirus app for these cases to be able to eradicate it. From the Play Store we can find a wide variety of good options.

What should I do if an application slows down my tablet?

The applications that have the most uses in terms of notifications are the ones that can slow down your tablet faster, that's why all those applications that you don't use and contain notifications are the eye under a magnifying glass when looking for fluency in a team.

If you have identified applications that instead of adding just steal and slow down your tablet, follow the steps that we show you below.

Closing force

This can be done from the settings application, once you have identified which application you want to force quit.

  • Go to Settings-Applications
  • A list with all the applications on your tablet will appear. You need to select the application you want to stop.
  • In the application you will see two options, choose the one that says Force close.
  • Confirm the process and that's it.

Remember that depending on the application you have stopped, you will or may not receive notifications from that application.

Uninstall apps you don't use

Uninstalling applications not always used was one of the best actions to not only reduce space but also time, while offering fluidity on the computer. If what you want is to improve the speed of your tablet, start with, like in a closet, delete everything you don't use.

Manage background apps

Background apps that aren't being used not only will they tone down the tablet, but will reduce also battery consumption. To do this you just have to:

  • Go to the settings section and choose
  • Find the application you want to optimize
  • Scroll down the menu that appears until you get the option that says Background data and disable it. This way, the application will no longer be able to run in the background.

Use the apps of the Lite version

Lite applications are a version of popular applications but are developed in a lighter way. They consume less data, take up less internal memory and improve the fluidity of the equipment in which they are installed.

Delete photos, videos, music

Even if you think these files only take up internal memory, the truth is that they also affect how slow the tablet can run. Depending on the quality of the photos and videos and the quantity of them, the fluidity of your tablet will suffer as it will need space and time to view them.

Hardware reset

Hard Reset can be one of the more drastic options when trying to fix your tablet's slowness problem. However, it doesn't get any better than that have so much space from the start and rearrange everything at will. As you download new applications, you will notice how smoothly your tablet operates and which applications slow it down.

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