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It is very important to know what type of charger we can power our device with and if the one we have is suitable. For this reason, we will provide you with all the information you need about universal chargers, making sure your computer doesn't suffer any kind of damage.

Factors to consider before charging a laptop with a universal charger

Before connecting your laptop to a universal charger, it is important to consider a few factors that can save you the headache. Let's start from the fact that the power required by the laptop will be that indicated by its original charger, having to take it as a reference. If you don't have the original charger where you can see the nameplate, you can find out how much voltage and amperage your laptop requires to select from universal chargers.

To know the minimum power that the universal charger you want to use must have, you will have to multiply the voltage (V) it requires by the current (A) it consumes. The result will be the base power your laptop consumes, considering that if it's powered by a lower wattage universal charger, it can cause a general malfunction.

On the other hand, there are universal chargers that they have more base power than your laptop which can work optimally, as long as they have the correct voltage.

How are universal chargers used to charge a laptop?

Universal chargers work like any other laptop charger, except that they may have several connection tips and a voltage regulator. In general, its power is usually 90 W because it is a commercial value that can cover all the powers of the models of the most recognized brands.

Once the correct connector is placed on the laptop, the knob is adjusted to the required voltage and the laptop plug is connected to the socket. They are basically used as a normal charger. There are also universal charger models that automatically detect the voltage level to place the knob there.

Problems when using universal chargers to charge laptops

One of the disadvantages that can occur when using a universal charger to charge the laptop is when its power is lower. Although a laptop can be charged with a lower wattage charger, the lack of it failure due to high energy consumption is more likely, higher than the charger's rated levels.

This can cause it to overheat and damage both the charger and the laptop by shorting out. Likewise, another problem is the short useful life these universal chargers can have a due to the fact that they have moving parts that are more easily damaged.

In the same way, a high power universal charger is usually heavy and oversized, so it can be a hassle. Additionally, charging a laptop with a low-power universal charger can even detract from its performance.

What happens if I use a higher voltage charger on my laptop?

Mainly the voltage is all that physical quantity that allows us to measure the different electric potentials present between two points. Many devices are made to withstand varying degrees of voltage, hence the manufacturers add information to the laptop and the charger. Indicates the appropriate voltage to charge the equipment, providing an increase in battery life, to use the laptop longer.

Voltage is very important because it corresponds to the force with which the electrons leave the charger. If the voltage is too high, it causes a short circuit, because it will produce an overload for a long time, which can overheat the cable conductor, melting the insulation.

In the same way, if the voltage difference is noticeable, the laptop may burn out and if the source has an amperage lower than that consumed by the equipment, it will endanger the source. Likewise, if a charger with a lower voltage than necessary is used, it will not work.

So, if you use a charger with a high voltage level that the laptop does not tolerate, will be damaged. But if the charger has a high power level but the voltage levels are the same, there will be no danger of damage.

For these reasons, it is necessary check the voltage of the charger before connecting it to your computer. It can also happen that you plug in a charger and your laptop does not charge, this problem will not be mainly the fault of the voltage, you will have to see several factors to fix this fault.

Are universal chargers right for my laptop?

It is very common that the chargers our laptop comes with are damaged or lost and for that reason you have to choose another one. Typically, i battery charger more accessible and easy to find are the universal chargers.

It must be said that you can use a universal charger, but you need to be clear about several factors. The first is to check the type of connector, because not all are the same, there are cylindrical, closable and lockable and molex.

Verify that can connect to the laptop properly. If at any time you want to use one of these chargers and avoid any risk, you can buy a universal adapter, this will be very useful when charging.

You have to pay attention to the quality, since these can be very inexpensive and therefore a lot can be bad. The adapters these have may not have been made in the best way, making them last less long than a good charger. Likewise, if the device is very poorly made, it can cause problems for your equipment.

This can  cause the production of inadequate voltage, so the best thing you can do is look for the ones that have insured lab verification and a long warranty period.

Other factors to consider before using a universal charger

A primary factor is to check the features or specifications of your laptop, this is done for know the exact voltage your computer needs to receive, as if you use the wrong one it can cause a great risk.

By knowing the correct voltage, you will be able to know which type of charger to use. Always try to make sure the charger is in good condition, try to keep the cable properly connected to the power supply.

If it's not in good conditions, it is better to eliminate its use. Also check the ferrite core, as this is usually the part of the charger that gets damaged most often.

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