Samsung Galaxy private mode: how to activate and exploit it?

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With private or hidden mode function you can hide any document, image, sound, file or third party application that may have access to the mobile device. This way you can keep privacy on your mobile.

Activating or deactivating private or hidden mode in Samsung is extremely simple, but it is as difficult to find as knowing where the trash is, so today at miracomosehace we offer you a guide so that you can activate or turn off privacy on your Samsung mobile.

What kind of files can I hide in private mode?

One of the benefits of activation area of private mode or hidden from Samsung is the variety of files it allows you to hide and the different methods to access them. In case your Samsung device does not have this option, some users solve the problem by updating Samsung to the Android 10 version.

Updating Samsung to the latest version of Android can give you access to numerous functions, you just need to know which Android system and check in the settings section if you have an update available.

Once you have the option to toggle hidden or private mode on or off in Samsung, you can hide files like: yours image gallery or certain images if you prefer, music, video, voice recordings that you have made or received.

What makes this option so wonderful in terms of privacy is that you can also hide applications like WhatsApp, Facebook or Messenger and any type of document.

How to activate private mode in a Samsung Galaxy? Step by step

The first step to activate and deactivate private or hidden mode in Samsung is to turn on your mobile device and go to the settings section, identified by the symbol of a gear.

Then you need to click on the “Display” option, this will bring up a menu of new options, among which you need to select “Screen lock plus security”.

In this section you must click on "Private mode" or "Hidden mode" to activate it. Then you have to select the type of security that you will establish on the mobile.

You can set a password, a special pattern or a 4 or 6 digit PIN code, remember not to share this information with anyone, in this way you will keep the privacy of your Samsung phone and your files will be safe.

How to disable private mode on my Samsung?

To turn off the hidden or private mode, you just have to go back to settings and click Screen lock, enter the password or security method you have established and deselect the hidden mode option to disable it.

Can I hide my files manually?

Completely, it is possible hide files manually very easily. In fact, you just have to go to the gallery and make some changes. Once inside the gallery, locate the settings button located in the upper right corner.

There you will see the option 'Hide or show album'. After pressing on this option, you have to select all those albums you want to hide. This is the manual way to hide albums beyond Samsung Galaxy's private mode.

How to hide files and find them later?

After turning on the hidden or private mode on your Samsung mobile device to hide specific applications or files, you have to click on "Settings" and choose "Applications". 

To hide any application, file or image from the gallery, you just need to click on the 3 dots that appear next to it and select "Move to private mode" or “Move to hidden mode”.

Each file, application or image you select and mark for stealth transfer will be sent to a private folder where you have to enter the security method you have chosen to view files or applications.

How can I find the files I hid earlier?

To find these files you just have to re-enter the section of the hidden or private mode from the Samsung settings, enter the security method and select the file you want to see.

What if I want to hide a folder: Safe folder

The protected folder is a function inside the Samsung mobiles, in which we can save personal content. In other words, it is a space to store pictures, videos, contacts and even applications that no one else can access.

To use Secure Folder, you must use a Samsung or Google account. In turn, it is necessary to use a security method, such as the pattern, but it is recommended that you use a different one than the one you normally use to increase security.

If you want to add files to the safe folder, go to your gallery or any other space and long press on the file / folder. The 'Move to Safe Folder' option will appear, which will make sure this file can be open alone from this space on your mobile. You can access these files from the Secure Folder app on your mobile.

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