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For several years now the technology has given us several advances, because as you will see before, cell phones were the size of a brick, and they first only allowed us to make calls and then messages over the years.

Nowadays, of those cell phones mentioned above, only the memory remains because they are now in our hands are the so-called ' smartphone’ and we have no doubt heard it in advertisements or read in an article.

But what does this name mean, and also what exactly are they? How do we benefit from it? We have the answers to these questions here and now, see how it's done, pay attention.

What is a mobile Smartphone

To know an object we must first start with its name. Well, smartphone, basically it's two words in English in one, if so, if we separate "smart" means "smart" and on the other hand "phone" means "mobile", then the two words in Spanish together they mean "intelligent". cell phone'.

These smartphones started coming to light in the 2000s, but it wasn't until early 2015 that these devices became very popular with companies such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi e Apple.

Smartphones are basically mobile devices with some specific features and also adapted to perform different functions that over time have become really useful and fun.

Smartphones today they have been a main working tool and a means of communication for the vast majority of people around the world; This is due to how useful they can be, as well as saving users a lot of time and money with the same device capable of multitasking itself.

Main functions of a smartphone

The main function of these devices is none other than to help us communicate, but it also allows us to do a number of things, which we will mention below divided into groups.

Communication functions

These mobile devices will allow us not only to make calls and send messages in a conventional way, because thanks to the operating system it is possible to send unlimited messages and even make video calls, through different channels and applications, thus making it one of the best inventions ...

Other than that, we can write, edit and send any type of email, and also make calls to other parts of the world, obviously all this through the use of a mobile phone network or a Wi-Fi network, because the Internet in these smartphones is as vital as water to us.

Job functions

Other very important functions of them, is that we can carry out the typical jobs that we are used to doing from a computer, from writing said work, to creating formulations in sheets di calculation and presentation of projects.

Entertainment features

These cell phones are also exclusively designed to entertain any family member, as they have cameras that will allow you to take pictures and post them so that everyone can see them, will allow us to listen to any kind of music from the oldest to the oldest. updated, all this through applications.

It also allows the little ones and the less little ones of the house to be able to play different video games and spend time with your friends on different social networks, which have the sole purpose of communicating and entertaining at the same time.

And when I say to any member of the family, I mean it literally, because yes, there are applications designed exclusively for the blind and beyond, there are also applications that you can use with your pets to be able to spend more time with them.

Note that there are other functions such as using the Bluetooth connection or similar, which allow us to send and receive files without internet or the use of cables.

Sharing and storing important information is another function that allows us to build a Smartphone, via a USB cable, via Bluetooth or via the Internet. Also to make videos, know and learn through easy-to-use platforms, remember important dates, set an alarm to wake up and many other common activities ...

Main features of a Smartphone

The main feature of these phones is the use of a operating system that gives life to our mobile, this can be Android o iPhone and it will depend on the company in question.

After that we have that these devices have a touch screen, which completely replaces the button controls, another feature is the use of applications that will allow us to multitask.

They have GPS (geographic location); rear and front camera, flash or brightness light, internal memory, have an address book; allows you to browse the internet, they are light in weight, there are different dimensions, ranges and technologies; some have an integrated fingerprint reader and facial recognition, etc ...

Finally, but really necessary, these smartphones must have connectivity to a mobile network both LTE, 2G, 3G, 4G and up to 5G, or via a Wi-Fi network, thus allowing them to fulfill each of its specific functions.

Minimum price of a smartphone or Smartphone

Depending on where you are, i prices may vary in as the audience to which the Smartphone is aimed could have a greater amount of money available to spend on these and others not so much. Price is also affected by the constant play of supply and demand for them.

Another factor that intervenes is the brand that produces the Smartphone, for example, Apple phones keep a high price due to the prestige of the brand and its cost of production; We can also talk that Samsung and Huawei are two cell phone companies, whose prices are considered high in the market.

However, there are some companies that offer their smartphones at a much lower cost, depending on the model and features of the device. In the global market, at least one Smartphone can be purchased for around 40 or 50 US dollars.

This means that it would fall into the low-end cellphone line, not just because of its price, but how simple its features are and that it won't be as efficient or durable in the future.

Differences between a smartphone cellphone and a classic cellphone

Currently, the differences between a smartphone and another that is not, are very obvious and specific. However, we will give you a list that you will be able to recognize if you make this comparison. What if we told you that despite the progress made, there are still people with these devices that were the beginning of the smartphone prototype we know today and that for their time they were a marvel and an innovation.

  • One is completely tactile, the other is not
  • The old phones were smaller, bigger and heavier; Smartphones are light, finished and bigger
  • Smartphones depend on a mobile or WI-FI connection
  • Older phones had much longer battery life, newer phones not that long
  • You can download different programs on one Smartphone, not on others
  • You can't access the internet on an old phone
  • The functionality of the older models is limited, the Smartphone offers many more
  • There are old phones that barely had a camera; today smartphones carry 2 or more
  • The functions of an old telephone are very limited (calling and writing text messages)
  • Storage space is another very noticeable difference

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