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The possibility of share our location on WhatsApp has become one of the most used functions of the app. Especially since a few years ago the possibility of sharing our position on the map in real time was introduced. However, that doesn't mean it isn't possible to "trick" the application and share a false location.

In fact, share a totally different location from the one we are in is actually much simpler than you might imagine, and in this guide we explain how to do it step by step.

Sending a fake location on WhatsApp is easier than you think

Send fake location via WhatsApp with GPS Simulator

How logical, WhatsApp does not give the possibility to send false positions through the application, but for this it is necessary to resort to a third-party tool. One of the most popular is the GPS Simulator app, available for free download on Google Play. This tool is capable of establish a false GPS position in a virtual way, which the rest of the applications installed on the device will interpret as the real one. In general, its operation is not very different from other tools that have been used in the past to play games like Pokémon GO without having to leave the house.

That said, once the application is installed on our device, we just have to follow these steps for send a false position via WhatsApp. There is only one requirement you need to fulfill, which is to have developer options activated on mobile.

  1. Open the application you just downloaded and mark the location on the map you want to set as a fake location.
  2. When you tap the green button at the bottom, a message will appear stating that you need to turn on developer options (if they are not active) or that you need to select an app for trial location. In any case, activate the necessary options.
  3. Go back to the map and tap the green button again, now yes, to set the fake location.
  4. Go to WhatsApp and tap the button to attach the content, to send a location later. You will see that the app identifies your location in the fake location you marked in the previous step. This fake location will also appear in case you decide to share the location in real time.
  5. If you want to retrieve your real position, go back to the application and tap the blue X icon.

That's all. In this way, you will have been able to share a totally fake location with any contact. We trust that this article serves to see how easy it is to fool through the messaging app, both the app itself and other contacts. Therefore, be careful whenever you receive information from people you don't trust.

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