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Telegram continues to be one of the best messaging applications which since 2013 has given something to talk about thanks to its features and functions. So much so that today there are endless tricks that will help you improve the experience on the platform.

In addition, its constant updates allow it to offer users new functions and improvements, especially in pinned messages, playlists and more. These changes have made Telegram tough competition for WhatsApp.

How to activate the Telegram developer options and what they are for

And if that's not enough, if you want add an extra layer of personalization to your account, we tell you that you can access immediately to the developers option and therefore have advanced functions that can help you use the app in the best way. If you want to know how to activate the Telegram developer options and what they are for, do not exit the screen.

Steps to activate developer mode in Telegram

Le Telegram developer mode, also known as secret Telegram settings, are nothing more than a function similar to the one currently present in the Android OS. And although they are hidden, here we will show you in simple steps how to activate the options in simple steps.

  • Log in to the app Telegram from your mobile device.
  • Touch the three horizontal stripes at the top left of the screen.

These are the initial steps that will take you to Telegram developer mode

  • Go to option "Settings" identified with a gear icon.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen.

Go to the "Settings" option and tap the Telegram version

  • Hold for a couple of seconds right where the is pointing Telegram version and release. You will see a message with a shrug ¯ (ツ) / ¯.
  • Once again give it a long tap and you will quickly access a new menu.

A shrug message will appear that will open the special menu with hidden Telegram options

By following the steps to the letter you will be able enable Telegram developer options. The only thing to keep in mind is that if you stop using it - especially because you have left the application -, will be hidden again and you will have to reactivate them.

What options does developer mode add?

La Debug mode offers the user the option of solve some problems and errors related to the management and use application. The Telegram mode developer options are the following:

Telegram has a "Debug Mode" and these are the advantages of using it using

  • Import contacts: this option will activate contact sync and send your friends list directly to cloud storage.
  • Reload contacts: allows you to reload the system so that your contacts are updated in the cloud.
  • Reset imported contacts: if the app has some kind of error or fails with contact syncing, this option can help you.
  • Reset chat: the option solves the chats synchronization problems in particular of Telegram.
  • Activate records: allows you to send records in .txt format (text file) to any application.
  • Disable internal camera: with this function you will stop using the Telegram camera and your computer's default camera will be activated immediately, especially when you send a file.
  • Clear cache of sent media files: this option clears the cache of photos and videos sent in all chats, performing the function of reducing the cache.
  • Call settings: used to accept certain Internet protocols. The window recommends that you use this option as long as you have prior knowledge. In this case two alternatives are shown: force TCP connection or ConnectionService in Telegram calls.
  • Read all chats: if you have a lot of unread group messages, channels or chat messages with friends, this feature will help you mark all messages as read.
  • Don't pause the music while recording: if you are playing music on your mobile and want to send a voice note to someone, this option allows you to continue listening to the music while recording.

We hope you have been able to get the most out of the options for Telegram developers and remember that you can also check out the 147 best Telegram channels to join.

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