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Since its arrival in early 2017, the states of WhatsApp they have become a fundamental part of the application.

So much so that in just over a year from the launch of this feature, not only have they surpassed Snapchat - application that first introduced the Stories format from which WhatsApp drew inspiration for its states - but they even have doubled the number of active users.

Therefore, there is no doubt that millions of users around the world use WhatsApp statuses on a daily basis.

However, many may not know that this feature hides some secrets and tricks with which to get even more from the States. In this guide, we round up the best around.

These are the best tricks for your WhatsApp status

Turn off the contact statuses you want

Surely you will have some other people on your contact list whose life you don't care at all.

That's why WhatsApp Status allows you to silence as many contacts as you want so that you only see the statuses of those friends or family that interest you. For mute contacts you just have to do the following.

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the States tab.
  2. Press and hold the name of the contact whose audio you want to mute.
  3. In the window that appears, click on "Mute".

You can turn off the WhatsApp status of all the contacts you want

Find out who has seen your states

This is definitely the simplest trick. When you upload a story, just like with Instagram or Facebook, you can know who has seen your photos or videos.

You just have to go to the status tab, click on "My Status" and scroll up. There you can see which person has seen your photos and you can track if an unwanted person is seeing more than they should.

You can check who has seen your WhatsApp statuses and at what time they did it

Block contacts from seeing your statuses

Perhaps what you are interested in is that there are some contacts who cannot see your stories. For example, the your boss, your parents, a relative, a former partner ...

There are thousands of cases and the good thing about WhatsApp statuses is that you can choose who sees and who doesn't see your photos and videos. IS really simple.

When you go to post the photo, click on the gear to access the settings. There you can decide who can see your contacts and who not.

If you select "My contacts, except ..." you will be able to mark which people you don't want to see your statuses and their access will be automatically restricted. You have to do this with every photo or video you upload, remember that.

Also remember that, by blocking a contact on WhatsApp, he will not be able to see any of your states.

So you can configure the privacy of your WhatsApp States

Use filters and other personalization elements

Maybe something that makes the different Facebook and Instagram stories from the state of WhatsApp is that you can use filters and customize your photos.

In WhatsApp you can't do it natively, but you can upload photos from the reel and gallery. You can use Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to take a photo with filters and download it, then upload it to WhatsApp or on as many networks as you want.

You can also edit them with your favorite image editor. It is a temporary solution until WhatsApp will no longer implement features (if it intends to do so).

While it doesn't have filters, WhatsApp Statuses offer you some elements of customization of which you can take advantage of.

One of them is the possibility of change the letter style of the texts which are included in the declarations. All you have to do is click on the icon with the letter “T” to be able to choose between the different styles available.

Change the color of the emojis

In the same way that you can change the color of the text you add to your states, it is also possible change the tone of the emoji.

This option, of course, is only available with those emoji with yellow faces. Once added, you just have to slide your finger on the color bar on the right side to select the desired tone.

Stop the states to see them as long as you need

A simple but useful little trick is to stop the self-reproducing states. Since by default, the app will switch to the next publication after a few seconds, you can stop this autoplay by pressing and holding a finger on the screen.

This will also hide the different menus, which can be useful for capturing the screen so that they do not come displayed the different components of the WhatsApp user interface.

Look at someone else's statuses without them knowing

As with the confirmation of the reading of the messages, it is possible to prevent other people from knowing when we have seen their states, that is of see the states of WhatsApp without being seen.

To do this you need to access the application settings, and in the privacy section deactivate the read receipt. Keep in mind that by doing so, you won't even be able to know who has seen your states.

Share YouTube music and videos in the US

WhatsApp statuses are a very interesting tool to let your contacts know information about your personal tastes, for example related to YouTube music or videos.

To do this, we invite you to learn how to put music in your states and share YouTube videos.

If instead of putting the full video you want to include the link to publication or web pages, all you need to do is copy the link and paste it when you create a new state.

In the case of videos, the youtube thumbnail will also appear in so that other contacts can know what the video is about. This trick, yes, only works in WhatsApp text states.

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