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Android mobile devices are constantly advancing nowadays, which leads to multiple updates of the same operating system and this is because of the new deliveries of new functions that Android will bring to smartphones.

However, the update processes are not fast at all, so sometimes our phone may shut down or we may stop installing the system update, which generates some  failures and errors in our device.

This is very common in LG branded devices, hence the users tend to download the software LG mobile support to fix phone system freezing on logo screen.

And it also normally happens that in Samsung's recognized brand devices after finishing the update strangely touch or touch of the device mobile devices stop working, making our phone unusable since it is through touch that we practically perform all actions on the same device.

How can I know if my Samsung phone touch is damaged?

One of the main ways to see if floating touch is failing is if so-called "ghost touches" are being presented. The above is easy to notice if you see that some parts of the screen "push", most likely the touch is failing.

You can also use programs like MultiTouch Tester to check if the touch responds correctly at every point on the screen. Finally, if the screen does not respond to any of your touches, the touch may be damaged.

What should I do if the screen of my Samsung device becomes unresponsive?

Clearly, the touch screen gets damaged at any moment for no uncommon reason. Sometimes the screen becomes unresponsive for momentary problems, in which case there are some things we can try.

Restart your device

It's the simplest process possible, but it can help. If the screen doesn't work, try shutting down or restarting your mobile. The phone may be frozen and a reboot should fix the problem if so.

Run a screen test from Samsung members

With Samsung Members there is the possibility of control your cell phone remotely. In turn, experienced users can also help you with problems with touch or any other that may arise. Without a doubt, it is a great application for anyone who owns a Samsung mobile.

Enable Safe Mode

Turn on the equipment, once the Samsung logo is displayed it is necessary press the volume down key, press it until the mobile phone starts up. A warning will appear at the bottom of the screen telling you if Safe Mode is turned on.

In this mode, touch should work correctly, eliminating the possibility that the problem is an external program. After entering this mode, uninstall any suspicious applications.

Free up storage space

An almost full phone will respond slowly, which can be mistaken for problems with the touchscreen. If your mobile is very full, free up space by uninstalling applications you don't use and deleting unnecessary files, this way your device should respond better.

Reset your mobile to factory data

If the touch on your Samsung Galaxy doesn't seem to work at all, you can try a factory data reset. Please note that this will erase all personal files, so it should only be used as a last resort.

This varies by model, but you'll find the option most of the time in the Settings section. In Settings, search for "About phone" and click on the "Reset" option and then on "Reset to Defaults", where you will find the final option to perform the process.

Disable developer options

There are some developer options that can cause problems with the screen and touch of Samsung phones. Luckily, you can easily turn off this mode, for this go to "Settings" and then "Developer options" At the top you will see the option to enable and disable these features.

How to detect if the damage is on the physical screen of my mobile

If the cell phone has been dropped and the screen is broken, this damage can be represented by the touch of your Samsung Galaxy. Likewise, if after all of the above, the touch simply doesn't respond, we could be facing physical damage.

If your cell phone is still covered by the warranty and the failure occurs out of nowhere, that's better contact the Samsung technical service. If you don't have a warranty, visit an expert who can perform the repair.

What can we do if the Touch or the touch of the Samsung mobile does not work after an update?

There is a large number of users who have come across the same case, and when they turn to Samsung technical support they get no response to the fault and they try to restart it via certain commands with physical buttons, but when they turn on it still doesn't work.

It's not there yet a clear and detailed answer about what causes it in Samsung devices after updating it, however if you have the same problem in your Samsung brand Android mobile phone then don't worry as in this article we will show you how to fix your device touch error.

How to fix the touch screen on my Samsung device

Before starting, you will need to verify that the touch screen is not damaged because it will not do you any good to perform this software procedure if you have a damaged physical component of the device.

To repair the touch or Touch of the screen of your Samsung phone it will be necessary to replace the firmware of the device with an older version then you will have to install on your computer an application that will work as an installer on your device called Odin, knowing this follow the steps below which we will show you below for repair the touch of your Samsung device.

Requirements for repairing the touch device

  1. The first thing you should do is download the latest version of Odin software, for this you will need to go to its official download page
  2. Once installed on your computer, download the USB drivers for your Samsung mobile device so that when you plug it in, your PC can easily recognize it to start doing all the necessary procedures.
  3. Download Firmware Samsung, of which we recommend that you download an older version than the one you had on your device so that the same error does not happen again
  4. And finally you will need to download and install the USB driver Samsung on your PC

Once you have all the necessary requirements, we can start the firmware installation process on your device.

Steps to install the firmware

  1. The first thing to do is turn off the device and activate download mode, for this you will have to hold down the volume down, power and start button at the same time after turning off the device, in case your phone does not have the home button you will have to press and hold the volume button, the power button and the Bixby button
  2. After activating the download mode on your Android device, connect it to your PC so that it can recognize it
  3. After the Odin application recognizes the device, you will need to select the and buttons install the firmware files on your device.
  4. Next, you will need to select the options Recovery time and automatic restart, then press the button "Start" to start the device reboot process.
  5. After finishing the procedure, the Samsung device will be reset and will also have a version of Android installed in its operating system that is older than the one it had, so it should stop having the problem with the touch screen.
  6. And ready! It remains only to enter your Google data to use the phone

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