What accessories can I buy for the Apple AirTag?

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Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting accessories when it comes to Apple, are the AirTags, which are devices specially designed to prevent your gear vada lost, and not just your gear, but all the valuables you own, have you ever lost your keys or your wallet? Not anymore. These kits are quite small, compact and easy to use. They are round and are no bigger than a 2 euro coin.

Airtags can be used practically in any object you want to track, but it must be understood that they are to be used with objects, not people. With this clear, we can use them with all kinds of accessories, such as straps, key chains, wallets, tags, bags, checkbooks, etc. They go very easily on any surface you want.

Colored leather strap for AirTag

It is very common to see AirTags with straps they serve for use them as keychains, in backpacks, bags, etc. These straps are quite useful and easy to use. Simply secure the device inside the slot they have built in, which will put pressure on it and won't allow the device to come loose. They can be used wherever they can be tied and be totally safe. This type of shoulder strap is recommended for use in backpacks or as a key ring.

Leather keychain for your AirTag

The leather key rings they can perform the same function as a leather band, as they meet the same principle of adhesion of the device to the specially made slot so that it remains tight and secure. As the name suggests, these accessories have been specially designed to carry keys with you, nothing more, but they can really also be used as an ornament in a backpack or bag, in practice it can be used in any object that has the necessary ring.

Luggage tag for the AirTag

Do you travel a lot and are you tired of waiting and intrigues caused by waiting for your luggage? Or, do you want to keep your baggage monitored at all times? With Apple AirTags you can do it easily. You will only need to purchase the baggage tag accessory, which can be attached to any part of your baggage, even inside. This way, you can constantly monitor your baggage and be sure it is, where it should be. You will no longer have to wait forever without knowing anything about your luggage.

Bag charm for your AirTag

The AirTag pendant is an accessory very similar to those described above, as it can be used in combination with any type of bag, backpack or wallet. This type of accessory usually comes customized, with different prints and colors, giving you not only a device to keep track of your bag, but also, it will provide a highly decorative character to your backpack.

Protections for the AirTag

The Airtag protections also are very useful accessories, in how much they have the task of safeguarding the integrity of the same, since, as is evident, it is not known for sure where such equipment will end up, much less the conditions that will go, so it is important that we take care of their integrity, protecting them from factors such as water, earth, shocks, etc.

AirTag strap protector

The strap protector is what we have already mentioned above, with the particularity that we must clarify that in addition to acting as an accessory that will allow us to bring our AirTag wherever we want, it will protect also integrity, leaving only the face of the device showing the company's iconic apple.

AirTag keychain protection

This accessory allows us to strengthen the security of our AirTag device, when we will use it as a keychain. Making it protected from factors such as rain, sun, shocks, etc. Other than that, it allows you to repair it wherever you want.

Are there any stickers for AirTags?

There is nothing better to personalize this type of device than stickers, either for a reason of creativity and personality, or if you want to identify each of your devices with name and contact information. What is absolutely true is that the smooth and flat surface of these devices will allow you to adhere any type of adhesive you want without any problem. You can use the sticker you want or buy them at authorized Apple stores.

Personalize your AirTag with a free engraving

Another pretty cool way to personalize your airtag devices is to register them, as their surface is also friendly with this type of personalization. Exist authorized Apple stores that offer you this service for free, but in case you receive your AirTags in a shop where this is not possible, you can always contact a specialized service provided by a third party and have it done by a professional. In most cases, this is done for the purpose. to record data such as name, address or contact number.

Taking care of your personal belongings will always be a very important task that you will have to propose to yourself, but thanks to these precautions you can have an emergency plan in case your care is not the best. We highly recommend using these devices on your most important items.

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