What are Aeos tickets for in Pokémon Unite - Get Coins and Tickets?

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What free ways to get tickets does the game offer?

Tickets offered by the Pokémon game help us get accessories for our characters, a new look for Pokémon and are needed to advance in the game and help us get power-up items. There are several ways to get Aeos tickets in Pokémon Unite, let's see how:

Raise the level of your coach

If you level up as a trainer you can get these tickets and best of all, regardless of the version you use, you can get them in free or premium version.

Complete missions and challenges

In the game there will be challenges that if you reach them you will have tickets as a reward, in the missions you can also get some.

Use the change machine

In this machine you will have the opportunity to get them, they will give you 30 attempts per day. You just have to get the energies, with for every 100 units of energy you can use the machine. And remember that the reward is random.

Where do I find or get Aeos Coins in the game?

Aeos coins are an important part of the game with them you can get licenses to get Pokémon you want and items, these two things will be very useful and will have a great effect on your performance in battles, learn to play Pokémon, win starts and Eos. Now let's see where I find or get the Aeos coins from the game.

Winning battles

If you participate in the battles, the game rewards you with a quantity of these coins. So win battles and get your reward.

Play in events

Whenever events are presented in the game, it will have a duration limit and if you play in the events you will have the opportunity to obtain 880 coins. In the events tab you can get missions if you finish them successfully you will get coins.

Doing the tutorial

Se You complete six steps of the tutorial you will get as a reward a considerable amount of coins, there are also extra coins, if you have already completed the six steps you can finish with the beginner challenge. There you find new challenges every day and their pay is in coins around 1700 per day.

What can you find in the game store?

What you can get in the game store is to see the available Pokémon and unlock them, also in the stores you can buy your avatar's clothes, buy different items and holotuendos for Pokémon and that have their own personality.

Comparison of the different currencies in the game

This game has different currencies, which you can exchange in the shop for accessories, licenses, clothes. There are coins, tickets and gems. But let's see the different currencies in the game.

Aeos coins

This is the base currency of the game and is used to unlock Pokémon and purchase items in the Aeos Emporium. This is the currency used for everything related to gameplay.

Gems of Aeos

Aeos gems are the game's payout currency, this makes it You can use it in everything how: unlock the premium Battle Pass, if you want to acquire a specific Pokémon, unlock the avatar clothing and acquire the skins of our characters.

Aeos Tickets

As for Aeoes tickets, they are rarer to obtain and you can get them for free, but it is not very common, as we have already said. With them you can unlock clothes for your avatar and unlock some items.

Fashion Tickets

Fashions tickets are a type of special currency that the game offers, with this currency you can go to the end of the shop and exchange this currency for unique, exclusive clothes or accessories that are not available elsewhere, so you can wear Fashions in the game.

HoloWear ticket

Like Fashion, HoloWear Tikeckets are pretty rare to get, but with them you can buy the skins for our characters.

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