What are all the Street Fighter characters? What is the strongest character?

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Main Street Fighter characters

As in other games, Street Fighter has a diversity of characters, mainly due to the number of versions or deliveries that exist. However, the main heroes of Street Fighter are considered to be the ones featured in Street Fighter II. Although it has also been established that Ken and Ryu are the two most consistent, appearing in every main presentation game.

Ryu: From the beginning he is the main character, embodied in a Japanese-born karate fighter who wishes to perfect his fighting skills.

In the first version it was the default champion, i.e. Player 1.  Ken: In history is an old training partner of Ryu, of American origin and, in the main bets, he was his default opponent. This character is usually very interesting. AND. Honda: He is a professional sumo wrestler of Japanese descent who enjoys the highest level in this type of combat. His signature move is the slap of the hundred hands, also known as a thousand-handed slap.

Guile: This is one of the Street Fighter characters of North American origin, personifies a former soldier of that nation. In the saga, his best friend named Nash or Charlie, depending on the language, fulfills his mission to avenge death.

Blanka: He considers himself a mutant who, after an accident, grew up in Brazil. He has certain electrical skills, learned from eels. It's incredible! This game is wonderful. Very funny and attractive.

Chun-Li:  When it comes to female Street Fighter characters, this is the main one. As for his technique, is a martial artist of Chinese origin, managing to combine movements of Kung-Fu, Tai-Chi and Wu-Shu.

Dhalsim: Native to from India, he is a great yoga teacher. In the Street Fighter universe, joins the fight to fight Shadaloo, a very dangerous organization. This character is awesome!

Zangief: Of Russian origin, this character was a professional wrestler from the USSR. He is considered an icon in fighting games, being the first to include specialized actions. The character strikes in anyone's eyes.

What is the strongest character in Street Fighter?

Much has been said in the community of players on the strongest characters of Street Fighter. Well, although the skills and powers available help enormously in this, the use of the player also influences.

However, until now it has been established that Akuma, also known as Gouki by his original Japanese name, is one of the strongest characters. This appears throughout the saga as a champion with different versions and strengths, with variants such as Shin Akuma.

On the other hand, the protagonist Ryu is also considered one iconic figure and of indisputable strength. This is due to his fictitious combined technique of judo and karate, called Ansatsuken.

Looking forward to new characters

With more than 30 years and available on various platforms such as the computer or as an Xbox game, Street Fighter has an undeniable charm. And, like with Tekken or LoL. It has a loyal audience who can't wait for the new installment.

The latter, which is called Street Fighter V, already has the roadmap and, of course, 4 new characters. Where could you find a new champion to crown him the strongest.

It will be Dan Hibiki, who has already been able to see him in SF Alpha and who will appear first, at the end of 2020. Then, by the spring of 2021 you will be able to meet Rose, a fighter who has special abilities to harness the power of the soul.

As a third inclusion, there will be Gold, a champion who has already appeared in SF III and is a character of great importance and power. The third character is Akira Kazama, although a fifth inclusion is still expected to be announced.

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