What are coins used for in PUBG mobile? How to use them and what to buy with them

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What are coins used for in PUBG Mobile?

If you survive every match, you will be rewarded with money or coins. This reward is based on how long you have managed to survive, the number of kills you have committed, the missions you have completed, the damage dealt to your opponents and whether you log into the game every day. The coins you get over the course of the game are either BP Coins or Battle Poins.

There are also CUs or unknown money that you can get in exchange for a payment. But if you don't have any money, there are tricks that will help you get UC for free. Coins are essential to survive, as you need to be well equipped. So you will have to purchase various useful things to keep progressing in the game and that is what we will explain next: how to use coins in PUBG Mobile and what to buy with them.

How to use coins in PUBG

They give you BP Coins for access from the first to the seventh day. The first thing we recommend is that as you accumulate BP Coins, use them for exchange them for silver coins. These are the ones that will allow you to enter the PUBG store and there you will see the items that you can buy.

If you have entered the shop, on the right hand side you will see options such as boxes, limited time and the catalog of accessories and products that you can buy with your silver coins. Each of the products will appear there for a limited time. Don't be late to buy what you need. You can schedule your purchase to use the item for several days or to use it permanently. The time period has a cost: the longer it is used, the higher the cost.

You can also use coins for boxes. In this section you can choose a box, let's take the soldier's box as an example. These have their price too, although you may find items that are already in other sections. It is worth noting that every time you open the box, its price goes up.

The good thing is that if you find a repeating item or item in your inventory, we recommend that you destroy it so they will give you some money. This silver can be redeemed in the shop to purchase other items or coupons that will be more useful to you.

You can do this by going to the inventory, here you will get "You have so many repeated costumes" and you can destroy them automatically or manually. There are also L-Coins (LC) that you can top up in exchange for a payment and will allow you to live great experiences.

What to buy with coins in PUBG

You can also buy weapons, accessories like parachutes, trails and you can even buy an avatar. If you want to survive it is essential to purchase consumables such as energy drinks, antibiotics, first aid kits and a first aid kit. With UC you can purchase the Royal Pass and open the boxes, among other things.

A silver coin is worth 200 BP coins. In summary, we recommend you to buy silver coins for each season every day and use them to purchase coupons for the purchase of Premium boxes. You can collect and open them in subsequent seasons. This way they will give you great things like suits, vehicle skins, boats, backpacks and even helmets.

Finally, we want to give you a warning: that you are aware of the mega that your game consumes, not to be paralyzed in the middle of a battle, because in this way you will see more and more interesting things.

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