What are the best alternatives to AirPods for listening to music on iPhone or Android? - Low price

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The Apple company has always been cataloged to offer a lot of products elegant and high quality, as is the case with the AirPods. Even so, they are a relatively expensive product, so today we are going to show you what are the best alternatives to AirPods for listening to music on iPhone or Android? - Low price.

If you want to have a completely wireless experience on your iPhone or Android device, you may be interested in the products we will introduce to you today. You will know some alternative agli AirPods for a fraction of their price.

In any case, before starting, it is best to know the different digital audio formats that exist in order to get the best sound quality for your headphones.

AirPods headphones and their price

The AirPods are the flagship wireless headphones of the Apple company, they have had two versions throughout their history, both offering a product worthy of the company for its quality. In any case, like any other product from the Apple company, his price is usually quite high.

Certainly the AirPods headphones work very well, their condition of having no cables makes them particularly comfortable and useful. In any case, if it seems too much to pay for a headset of these features, you may be interested in other options.

Before starting, if you are a beginner and have doubts about the audio on your mobile, it is convenient that you learn how to play music via bluetooth with your iPhone, before launching yourself for a wireless product of these characteristics.

What are the best alternatives to AirPods for listening to music on iPhone or Android? - Low price

The quality of Apple products is undeniable, in any case it is known that they are expensive products, so in many occasions it is common to want to find alternatives to them.

In most cases, the most common is the comparison between Galaxy Buds + and Airpods, but we want to go further and not focus specifically on these two phone companies. Here's why you know these little-known, but excellent alternatives that may interest you:

Free EarFun

If you're looking for one of the cheaper alternatives to AirPods, EarFun Free is undoubtedly a worthy competitor. For less than 50 dollars or euro get more than respectable headphones, which will meet for most users.

They have a Bluetooth 5.0 connection in the same way it has a USB-C input, which is very rare on most budget headphones. At the same time they are water resistant, having the IPX7 certificate.

The sound quality isn't amazing, but it's pretty good, especially considering they're headphones completely wireless very cheap, undoubtedly a worthy competitor of the AirPods. Likewise, you can use them to make calls and video conferences.

On the other hand, it includes quite respectable battery life (6 hours at moderate volume levels). Very efficient with both Apple and Android devices. Likewise, we can highlight its great fast charge.

JLab Go Air

If you want to save even more, the JLab Go Air headphones might be the best match, and for less than 30 euros there is no excuse not to buy these alternatives to Apple-branded headphones.

Battery life is around 5 hours, which is a great time considering its low price point. Likewise, it should be noted that while the sound isn't noticeable, it's decent enough, so you won't have a problem listening to music, watching podcasts, or material on your favorite social platforms.

They are sweat resistant, you can use them while exercising. At the same time we have touch controls and various presets, such as the classic exponential bass modes, recommended for all those who love powerful bass.

If you want to connect wireless bluetooth headphones to your PC, these are a great option, but the truth is that all the models we present today are capable of this feature and in fact you can also connect them to your Android phones.

Anchor Soundcore Liberty Air 2

If you want to spend a little more but still save money, there is no better option than the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2. These Anker headphones stand out for their great sound quality, some even consider them a bit better than the AirPods.

Its price is slightly higher than approx $ 100, in any case thanks to the leap in sound quality it is worth paying a little more. Fully wireless headphones which are especially recommended as a great one alternative to AirPods.

They recharge via USB Type-C, and the battery life is about 7 hours, which is actually higher than the average for AirPods.

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