What are the best characters and heroes in Overwatch? We tell you!

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Overwatch is a multiplayer video game that will allow you to play as a team with up to 6 members. Likewise, the game ha currently 31 characters with which you can experience different adventures, as each one includes different abilities and specific functions that will allow you to play different roles in each game.

Each hero is able to increase and optimize his powers when he meets or has a good team to complete it. If you want to know the best characters included in this installment, you need to enter the Overwatch portal and check out all the best characters.

Learn about the abilities of Overwatch characters

Although the video game have many characters and heroes, it is worth remembering that each is classified according to a particular skill or characteristic; In this case, you will find that the 31 characters that bring the game to life will have some of the abilities, which are divided into three, being similar to other very popular games.


Among the characters you will get who have the dexterity of the attack, Trancer or Echo stand out. Likewise, the heroes who possess this skill they will have the task of attacking the opponent, as well as checking that the area through which the team travels is safe, avoiding intruders or opponents.

Likewise, these characters have the ability to attack with a high level of power, this with the intention of causing a lot of damage to the opponents, and so you can carry out long-lasting battles; however these characters do not have a high level of life compared to other heroes who have other abilities.


This category includes i characters capable of absorbing high-level attacks, these are usually the heroes who will have the task of protecting their companions or any area or point that the player deems necessary.

The characters who include the tank skill they are used to protect the team by preventing the opposing team from causing abysmal damage to attacking characters. Some of the heroes you should consider if you want to use a tank are D.VA among others.


Support heroes, even if they don't seem like it, they are essential within teams that Overwatch forms; as these have the task of providing the team with all the tools necessary to continue in the battle. In addition, they will have the task of healing the members of their team.

Likewise, it should be noted that they are generally i more vulnerable characters and therefore are easy to eliminate, so they stay hidden, but always looking for what the team needs.

The best characters from Overwatch

All characters on the Overwatch team have different skills that make them stand out within the players ; However, for some users the most important or important characters are the following.

To start, D.VA is one of the heroes who are usually used the most in any classification, and this is because it has a robot better known as a mecca, which includes many functions, as well as being powerful. Not forgetting that this will complement your squad as happens in similar games like League of Legends, where there has to be balance within the squad.

On the other hand, you will also see that Tracer it will stand out , being one of the most requested for the higher categories. Since it has the ability to move or move instantly; In other words, she has the ability to manipulate time to restore or avoid any physical affection in herself or her companions.

It should be noted that the graphics of the Overwatch video game are of excellent quality; being perfect for connecting with monitors that incorporate the HDMI connection.

As these will guarantee you Full HD quality and you will be able to appreciate various details while playing Overwatch; Finally, if you have not yet started your adventure in this fantastic world, do not waste any more time, you will see that you will not regret it because currently more than 12.000 million users connect and have the most fun with Overwatch.

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