What are the best classic and vintage arcade games to download on Android?

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The video game industry has evolved great in such a short time, not only consoles or computer games but also smartphones, which at the same time have had a great technological advance, having high performance with spaces with storage space up to 512GB and 16GB of RAM, these machines are capable of running games they require very high performance, which even computers with average performance capabilities could not reproduce.

Even so, there is a certain percentage of gamers who despite having an mid-range or high-end, prefers to go back to those old school video games, entertainment applications that they will have played at some point that to this day still feel the same fun and a feeling of nostalgia

But, despite they are old games and their classics, there is still a topic to discuss and a big question as to which are the best classic games for Android, which have been on the market since days gone by, or which were designed primarily for an old console, which with the advancement of technology we can enjoy with our devices.

How to install games for Android?

To download a game to your Android device, you can use different options, by downloading them via the Google Play Store game platform or by acquiring the desired application in APK format, you can check out our list of the best video games with the best graphics for Android.

What are the best classic and vintage arcade games to download on Android?

The list below will not show all the classic arcade games created, they will simply be the ones that made the biggest impression at the time and still continue to do so today. have fun and give that positive reaction to today's players.

Metal Slug

What's better to start with than a good classic of the genre Run and Gun and 2D shooter, Metal Slug is a series of more than 20 games, and what characterizes it is its good sense of humor and its great hand-made animation, the game was initially released on Neo-Geo arcade machines and game consoles. game developed by SNK.

Over time it has been adapted to subsequent consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox360, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo, until finally reaching the Android and iPhone devices, you can find this game by downloading an apk or directly from the platforms of the Play Store, App Store.

Pac Man

The legendary Pac-Man, a classic of the classics, Pac-man is a video game franchise that originated in Japan developed by the company Bandai Namco Entertainment, initially Pac-Man was a maze chase type game, in which the goal of the player he has to eat as many points as possible while he is chased by some colored ghosts.

This game, however, has also been provided for genres of platforms, racing and sports, there is its classic version which can be downloaded for Android via an APK format, if you have any questions about APK formats you can visit the following link on how to extract APK formats


Tetris is a game conceived and programmed in the Soviet Union in 1984, it is a puzzle genre game in which you play with falling tetrominoes, the purpose of this video game is to avoid the accumulation of said tetrominoes trying to order correctly so that they disappear at the same time, we can find different versions of this game in the Play Store and in the App Store in a simple way or by installing it in APK format.

Street fighter

Another classic potential, one of the icons among the games of the 90s and one of the most influential in the 2D fighting game genre, was developed in 1987 in the arcade where it quickly became popular thanks to its great design and good gameplay. a smartphone version in the Play Store or App Store, where it retains the original game graphics which contribute to the nostalgic aspect of the game. 

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