What are the best games similar to Fortnite to play online?

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In the past few years you have surely heard your brother, cousin, nephew, boyfriend or some other girl talk about Fortnite, and you noticed that they take up a lot of space in a "game".

A very addicting shooter game for any age and gender, since you can save the world or place the mode Battle RoyaleEither way, you must fight against the army of enemies belonging to the Mutants.

You can play as a team so that you can share the experience with your friends, regardless of whether they are in the same room, and this is what has made it so popular with friends. teens, since thanks to its different missions and fights to be the last survivor It has created an exciting feeling of addiction for those who play it.

However, although its download is free, there are many features or functions within the game game mode which must be paid in cash to access.

Therefore, if you want to advance or explore different costumes, power-ups or game modes, you have to cancel a sum of money.

Check out these Fortnite-like game options to play online

Faced with such a disadvantage, many users have taken off enthusiasm and they have turned to other Fortnite-like games to play online, with other kinds of advantages and disadvantages, so that each user chooses what they want.

From the PC

Fortnite can be installed on almost all platforms such as Play Station 4, Android, iOS and Windows, this from its official page, there are many other video game developers who share this feature.

But others too Battle Royales video games  they are not compatible with Windows for the official discard from the web, so you have to resort to other resources such as installing emulators on your PC that allow you to download the game as if from an Android.

  1. PUBG, the first source of inspiration for the creation of Fortnite, comes in two presentations to be played from PC.

The former is a paid video game, while the latter (PUBG lite) is completely free, but still has updates to maps, weapons, vehicles, and visual performance for more realistic graphics.

What you need to be able to install it on a Windows 7,8.1 or 10 operating system. In addition to an Intel Core i3 (2.4Ghz) processor, 4GB of RAM and stable internet connection.

At first you could get the PUBG lite download from the official website, but from April 29, 2021 the system has been completely withdrawn, so the only alternative to continue playing from your computer is to download an Android emulator for your PC.

Emulators like BlueStacks allow you to play the game in its third PUBG MOBILE presentation from your computer, so you can have the same mobile experience as you explore the different game modes.

  1. In second place there is a special Call of duty warzone for PC and with characteristics similar to Fortnite, but at the same time very different, namely the fact of dying in battle and being taken to an arena to fight for the title back to the game is undoubtedly an emotional advantage.

150 players are thrown from the air into a territory where they must search for resources such as weapons, clothing and vehicles to survive, in a fight to survive in the last place.

Among the minimum requirements to perform ‘CALL OF DUTY: WARZONE’ on your PC there is to have a 7-bit Windows 10 or 64 operating system, 8 GB of RAM and an inter Core i3 processor.

  1. Apex Legends and arrived in 2019 and is very similar to Fortnite. Fight between 60 players with your usually three-player squad, to fight and unload bullets anywhere without fear of dying.

Well, you have the opportunity to catch up in several ways, so just do a good layout or score to understand yourself with your group without using your voice and you will have the wins.

It is currently available for download from the official Electronic Art website and at least required for installation on your computer Windows 7 has 64 bit, Intel Core i3 CPU, 6 GB of RAM and at least 22 GB free on the hard disk.

  1. Realm Royale is another Battle Royale game with a twist of fantasy and reality, the blend of both allows you to fight to the death by being a hunter, warrior, assassin, engineer or wizard with weapons or swords.

In the event of death, you will become a huge chicken who if he survives for any length of time on the battlefield, will be reborn into your original persona for a second chance.

  1. With a setting similar to the "hunger games", Darwin Project aim to survive in last place to win.

However, this is not that easy because the game settings change a lot, which could result in your character being included in a very dangerous environment.

Cold affects survival a lot, plus a number of threats on each map, you have to fight with other players for victory, thus mixing two game genres battle royale  and survival.

Android mobile phone

On Android there are thousands of games that are developed every day and released in the Play Store to compete with Fortnite. However, over the years, Fortnite Mobile continues to maintain its popularity and loyal audience.

Likewise, we present the games most similar to Fortnite on Android phones:

  1. Garena Free Fire is a game of 50 players who are thrown on an island where they must trample the ground to start a fight for their survival in the last place, in search of weapons and ammunition to eliminate the enemies.

It is undoubtedly one of the most similar options to Fortnite in the mobile version, but undoubtedly it has very own characteristics that attract the attention of the public, that is, knowing the characters, their stories and skills allows you to become more familiar with the game.

  1. In its mobile version, Call of Duty Mobile is available for Android for free from the Play Store. With a more war-like setting, Battle Royale mode is addictive, making it similar to Fortnite.

IPhone options

A variety of Fortnite-like video games are also available for iOS operating systems:

  1. PUBG Mobile is still the founder of Battle Royale games so it is one of the first alternatives under consideration for any iPhone, as well as being downloaded directly from the App Store.

With the same features as its PC version, you can embark on a survival adventure to the last place in the different game modes.

2. With Rules of Survival you will have to face 119 people in a field in search of teams to survive and eliminate the other competitors.

What platforms is Fortnite available on?

Being a very popular game, it is available on many platforms per videogiochi come Windows e Mac, Android, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro e PlayStation 4 Slim, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, Xbox One X e Xbox One Series X | S, Nintendo Switch e Switch Lite.

Fortnite loses quality in graphics if I play it from mobile?

The application needs di devices Android a 64 bit with an ARM64 processor and an operating system above 8.0 and 4GB of RAM, so in its official Fortnite page it details a well-explained list of the most common mobile devices in its different brands with which the game maintains its high end.

However, the game may be able to run on other devices outside the list, but the graphics performance and stability would not be the same.

What is the best battle royale game for mobile devices?

In most of the polls conducted, it reveals that Garena Free Fire in the best game Battle Royale, as it has more than 500 million  di  downloads, which let the figures speak for themselves.

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