What are the best hidden tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus?

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Samsung's success is so great; The company is estimated to account for over 25% of the global share in the sale of smart devices.

These include the introduction of new technologies, such as the so-called “Smart Home” or "smart home". Of which he is a pioneer, as well as the development of Smartphones with superior quality, new updates and functions.

What are the best hidden tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus?

The new version of smart devices launched by Samsung was called “Samsung Galaxy” and underlines the steady growth of the company from April 2009 to March of this year. When is introduced the latest version named “Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus”.

This device represents years of effort and dedication to provide consumers with certified quality equipment, with the highest standards of cutting-edge technology. Indeed, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus includes smart tools that allow a dynamic interaction between the customer and his environment. And the strengthening of the user-device relationship.

The structure with which the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus was developed is quite different. And it includes a number of tricks that will make life easier for the customer while browsing their device and performing daily activities, such as capturing an image or archiving data or creating backup copies.

List of the best hidden tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus

There are different types of options available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus. However, today we are going to show you what are the most useful tools you can apply to get the most out of your phone:

Let's start with an option called “finestra pop-up”, in which the device automatically notifies the arrival of a message or information in an App or program. Then the user can click on it and insert a small card to reply or review. All this without leaving the current business.

The screenshot is a bit simpler in Samsung's new version. Since only a simultaneous touch of the power and volume keys is enough to shoot. Therefore, it will not be necessary to apply pressure for a few seconds, as was customary. You can also rotate the screen

There is a smart option in Samsung that allows us to view a file or applications on the device instantly. All you need to do is log in to the search panel and type in a keyword. The intelligent system will take care of showing you all the results that match your request.

La Tag function integrated into the gallery of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus allows us to view similar content. Which means we won't have to scroll through all the images to find a series of specific shots.

La view Aerial o Aerial allows you to be redirected to related content when you tap on links, notes or files in your calendar. All from an attached box that will appear in a certain part of the screen.

The transcription of the notes is one of the most representative tools of the device. Since it allows the user to create documents from their Smartphone, to later share them with other devices such as computers, in Microsoft Word format. Thus facilitating the tedious task of doing it manually.

There is no doubt that this device offers a wide variety of useful tools and functions. With which its users can feel more comfortable. Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear from you.Do you know any other hidden tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus?

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