What are the best original Apple cases to buy for my iPhone?

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Should you buy an iPhone case?

Many think that it is not necessary to buy a specific case for their iPhone, in fact a phone is more than protected with a normal cover, So would it be worth the money to buy an original case? In this article we will show you some tips that will help you make a good decision.

This way you will be more confident and have all the necessary knowledge about it and everything that will help you see if it's worth it. You will also see some types of cases for yours iPhone and the qualities that each one has that are different depending on the model.

What are the best iPhone cases?


If you are thinking of buy a case for your iPhone and you don't know which one to buy, in this guide we will show you which one you can choose. We will show you a list of genuine Apple cases as having an iPhone is normal for you to want to take care of. So let's see which quality covers you can buy instead of choosing the first one that passes in front of you.

Cases for Apple: silicone, leather and leather case

It is true that these original cases are not cheap at all, but they are nothing compared to the price of your iPhone. Furthermore, being a original Apple product, have a high quality material and presented in various materials.

These silicone cases have a variety of prices. The silicone one costs 45 euro, the leather one costs 55 euros and the leather one with lid is the most expensive at 149 euros. Also, you have different colors like red, green, yellow, brown, purple and many more.

Mujjo covers

These types of covers have a more classic style and are among the best sellers. They are made of leather and also have a small pocket for your cards. Also, its price is not that high, it hovers between 50 € and of course you can find them on Amazon.

Almost Nomad

The Nomad company has several accessories for Apple devices. But not only for portable iPhones but also for Apple Watch. Also, the quality of their products is not questionable as they are very good and speaking of the covers they have amazing designs.

You can enjoy its leather finishes with nice colors and with a nice frame around the camera. Their price varies depending on which design you prefer, they go around between the 49 and the 79 euro, but it's money well spent, we assure you.

Almost of the moment

These cases are amazing, they allow you to further expand the photographic capacity of your iPhone since it has different types of lenses. These cases are mainly used for those who want to take advantage of the versatility of their objectives. So if what you are looking for is a more elegant cover, this may not be your option.

Peel covers

If you are looking for a gentler case style this is your best option as this type of case has a ultra slim design. Its design is not designed to withstand strong drops or blows, but rather to protect it from minor scratches or scrapes when you place it in a certain place.

Its price is not very high, you can see it in its official shop at 29 € and it has 8 different colors. But if what you are looking for is a cover that gives you more protection then this option is not for you.

Razer Cases

This type of case is specially designed to meet the needs of iPhone buyers. He created his Arctech Slim and Arctech Pro which are two cases that have a patented technology from the brand Thermaphene.

This type of technology helps to further dissipate the color of your iPhone by incorporating a dissipation layer. It also has a microfiber layer that protects it from scratches and another layer of material that protects it from bumps. Its value is $ 29,99 and you can find it for different versions of IPhone.

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