What are the best signal or coverage amplifiers for cell phones? - Basic guide

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Many of us have suffered from the poor cell phone service signal we have in our homes. And we would like to have an effective way that allows us to solve this very serious problem, since we cannot connect with our loved ones.

To offer you help, we offer the following tutorial which will teach you what are the best signal or coverage amplifiers for cell phones? Basic guide.

First and before we start with this article, we must know that it is a signal amplifier, which can be made in a handmade way, also called a cellular repeater. It is a device that receives the weak signal from the tower and amplifies it, so that you can have a more stable connection. And they consist of four basic elements, internal antenna, external antenna, wiring and repeater or amplifier.

We have always been interested in offering you articles to help you solve problems or mishaps with your devices. From simple procedures how to properly put an anti-shock screen protector on the cellphone. Until the choice of the best signal amplifiers or mobile coverage.

What are the best signal or coverage amplifiers for cell phones?

There is a wide variety of these devices on the market that can offer you an effective solution to your weak signal problem. But this in turn will depend on some factors that you need to consider when buying a signal booster. For example if you live in a rural or urban area, the size of the house, the distance from the base antenna, etc.

We will then appoint you what are the best signal or coverage amplifiers for cell phones. If in your case your home is located in a rural area, we recommend the Domic 900 rural. It is a voice call amplifier with 3G 900 MHz coverage, it is ideal for coverage that offers only one line to the outside of the house and a coverage area from 90 to 220 square meters.

We can also recommend the Terra 900 V2 for rural areas for voice calls + 3G, it is ideal where the signal abroad is bad. Where can offer you a one-to-zero line of coverage and covers an area between 260 and 600 square meters. It is much more powerful than the previous device.

If at least one band of 4G coverage away from home, you can opt for the following device, the BS-4G. It is a dual amplifier serving both frequencies of 800MHZ, which is the one used for 4G. Or for the frequencies of 900 MHZ which is the one used for voice calls + 3G and covers an area from 90 to 220 square meters.

Best signal amplifiers or coverage for urban areas

You should know that in every city, connections to cellular networks have a high volume and that different mobile service providers have to use different frequencies or channels. This is to be able to somehow channel the high traffic of 4G, 3G connections and voice calls, for this reason it would be very useful to know the frequency used by the base towers near our home.

For urban areas these are the best signal boosters or coverage for cell phones. The Arkus 4G, this device is ideal for out-of-home signals from one to zero stripes. It works for the coverage of voice calls + 3G + 4G, and has a coverage ranging from 260 to 600 square meters.

Another device that works efficiently in cities and urban areas is Dominic Tribanda. This model can amplify the four most used frequencies in the city such as 800, 900, 1800 and 2100 MHZ. But these have greater power which allows them to reach larger areas.

And here we come with this short article that can help you in choosing a device that will help you expand your cell phone signal, taking into account some important factors. And that way you can know what are the best signal repeaters or coverage for cell phones, a basic guide.

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