What are the Dragon Ball FighterZ Sagas cheats and combos for PS4, PC and Xbox One?

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As for the games of the Dragon Ball saga, there are countless episodes, some acclaimed by everyone and others that have been forgotten, until a few years ago the most acclaimed game of the franchise, loved by most, was the mythical Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3, for Play 2, released in 2004.

When it was announced the launch of FighterZ, we were all waiting to see if, after so long, they would take away the king of Dragon Ball games.

Dragon Ball FighterZ was released on January 26, 2018 for PC and PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles, acclaimed by the public and breaking with everything previously seen, having a fast-paced game system, incredible fluidity in combat and being visually a marvel. .

What are the cheats and combos of Dragon Ball Z FighterZ for PC?

In Dragon Ball FighterZ   we will have the possibility to choose three characters per game, but we will use them one at a time, starting with the simplest, we have the basic combos that on PC are the following.

La [L] it is used for the weakest attack, and if pressed several times it makes the simplest combo in the game, the medium attack is carried out with the [M] key, the strong attack is carried out with the [H] key and the special attack with the [S] key.

The first combo to start practicing is based on the following, we jump towards the opponent, we press "H" in the air, then "L" followed by the «M» key twice, then to make an air attack on the opponent we press "Down + H".   This will make the enemy fly into the sky and you can use it when the enemy tries to do a Super Dash.

What are the Dragon Ball Z FighterZ cheats and combos for PS4?

If we want to improve our game on the PS4 console, we have to memorize some combos that can be very useful to win battles quickly, for the basic attack we use the «square» key.

For the medium attack the "triangle" key, for the strong attack the «circle» key and for the special attack the «X» key, the first automatic combo is done by pressing the «X» key four times. This is the simplest combo in the game AND the one we all started with 

We will do the second combo by pressing the triangle button four times this time, the character will make a super move, if you have enough ki reserves. If we want to change the character we have to hold down one of the "L1 or L2" keys and this new character will come in with a Super Dash.

In combat we will also have to use our defense so that our health does not run out and for this we use the Guard Cancel Tag which marks a help character protecting you from enemy attacks, when they try to make an air strike, press » down + H « and this will nullify almost all air strikes.

What are the Dragon Ball Z FighterZ cheats and combos for Xbox One?

If, on the other hand, you have the opportunity to approach the game on Xbox One you won't have big difficulties, the controls are simple and easy to memorize, when it comes to making basic combos, the layout of the keys is as follows.

For the weak attack you will use the «X» key, for the medium attack «Y», for the strong attack «B» and for the special attack the «A» key, to execute the sprint of dragon you will use the »A + B« keys If you want to perform the simplest and most automatic combo in the game, you have to press the «A» key 4 times, for the second automatic combination, press the «Y» key four times.

On Xbox you also have the option to start with simple combos, you can start by jumping towards your rival and in the air press 'B' then press 'X' followed by 'Y' twice followed by an air strike by pressing 'down + B' is a good way to counter a Super Dash, to block an attack and ask for help by pressing "LB or LT" during the block.

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