What are the main characters of Clash Royale? How many characters are there?

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Time to talk about Clash Royale and its main characters

One of those games that retain features that, while not impressive, are enjoyable to watch and manage their controls, is Clash Royale. This video game developed by Supercell and released in March 2016 is a strategy game that everyone should try at least for a few weeks.

The game has a mode freemium and is available on all mobile devices with an iOS or Android operating system.

Game mode

Some of the aspects that draw a lot of attention about Clash Royale have to do with the game mode. Initially the one-on-one battle had been implemented, however in 2017 the necessary preparations began to launch two-on-two modes and finally, in 2019, a party mode.

Each player has a total of 3 towers, including the king or queen tower, which will be located in the center. The winner will be the one who will have demolished the enemy's central tower or, in any case, the one who will have caused the greatest damage, to become the creditor of a juicy reward.

Main characters, important elements for victory

There are many aspects that you have to take into consideration to get the victory in each of the games you play in Clash Royale, from the definition of a good strategy, both in attack and in defense.

Now, like in any other video game, characters are a fundamental element of the game. In this case, they will be fundamental building blocks for put together the perfect deck and win in any game mode, so it doesn't hurt to know them.

The main characters of Clash Royale

Currently, Clash Royale has a total of 99 characters, however, everyone starting from scratch must know the skills that keep the main characters.

As you progress, you'll have the ability to unlock stronger and more versatile characters, but here are a few that will help you progress from the start:


Available at level 1 of the village. His specialty is attack in the area and easily and quickly eliminate weak enemies, such as goblins and skeletons.


Her speed in crossing the bridge he stands out, he is one of the most appreciated characters in terms of the facet of the attack. You will have it once you finish the tutorial. It is also possible to acquire the princess.


After the initial tutorial, you will have yours army of skeletons. Twenty creatures ready to be a real headache for the rival.


Available from the start, it's affordable and very valuable when putting together a strategy.


Indispensable allies for tear down the towers. Lovers of adrenaline and dynamite. You will have these explosive characters once the initial tutorial is over.


Another of the important basic characters of this video game. As long as it is well positioned and protected, your goal will be essential to winning battles.

Time to play!

After knowing all the advantages of the main characters of Clash Royale, it's time to devise the strategies that will help you take advantage of all the characteristics of these main characters and win the first of many battles. What are you waiting for ?!

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