What are the minimum and recommended requirements to play Pokémon Go?

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This game is one of the most world famous, played by thousands of players and each time has new members; This will offer you a great deal of fun for all the adventures you will experience, hunting down the pokémon you will find.

Pokémon Go, it was a much loved game by all fans of the series, as it came to bring us happiness and good memories; To play it you have to follow a series of requirements, but don't worry, they are very simple to fulfill, so you can start playing this game as soon as possible.

Minimum requirements to play Pokémon Go

This game is considered one of the best on the market, which has become more and more famous, because you can create a completely free account, you can download it from your mobile, which will make the experience and capture more comfortable. you will also need its camera to play.

To download this game, you can do it through the Play Store or the App Store; To get and upload it smoothly, you need to meet some requirements.

The requirements to play from Android are: Have the GPS service active, have at least 2GB of RAM, your Android OS must be (4.3, 4.4) onwards, the screen resolution must be 1280 × 720 pixels, it is necessary that the device is not rooted, as it is not available.

Likewise, you must have a 3G or 4G WIFI connection, have a gyroscope (but it is not mandatory), have the Bluetooth 4.0 version and 60 megabytes of available memory. On the other hand, the requirements to play from IOS on iPhone are: Your device must be at least iPhone 5s, it is not compatible with any of the iPod Touch models, it must have a stable Internet connection (WIFI 3G, 4G), you must have 104 megabytes available.

Permissions to play Pokémon Go

Basically, this game loads fast, but sometimes it doesn't load problem, you can solve this problem very easily; to continue playing in silence. It must be said that this game has the permissions, which are developed during the game.

These permissions for Android are: The your exact location (based on network and GPS), search for contacts and accounts on the device, take photos and videos, receive data from the Internet.

Allows you to pair with Bluetooth devices, use device accounts, prevent the device from going to sleep, access Bluetooth settings, change or delete content from USB storage.

It should be noted that this game is updated from time to time in time, to offer its players better experiences, so you must be aware of its new updates, you need to update the game to the latest version from your mobile.

Useful tips, which you should know to play Pokémon Go

If you've already verified that your phone meets the requirements to play, you can start playing and we'll give you one set of tips, which will improve your experience, some of them are: Do not play while driving (it is very dangerous), When playing, try not to go to places that are lonely or places you do not know.

The game ha Pokeparadas, where they will always give you "pokeballs" (every 5 minutes), this game consumes too much battery. So we recommend that you always have your charger or an additional battery (the one that is most convenient for you) with you; You should also consult the guide to the types of Pokémon, to know the advantages and disadvantages of all of them; with this you can improve your play.

If you are just starting out in this game, from knowing: For catch Pokemon, you have to walk the streets, while looking at the map, where the direction in which you are going is reflected.

When you play it in very confined spaces, you will have trouble making multiple Pokémon appear when you see one nearby; You must only click on it and point it with the camera of your mobile phone; when you do, a “Pokeball” will appear, you have to slide your finger in the direction of the creature and you are ready to open it trapped.

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