What are the minimum recommended requirements to play Clash Royale on PC?

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Within this vast portfolio of strategy-focused games we can name them some quite recognized and important such as Plague Inc, Clash of Clans, Plants vs Zombies, Boom Beach and many more. This growth has been such that even incredibly famous brands have presented their proposal, an example is COD with Call of Duty: Heroes.

But there is a video game that, despite not bringing us a very deep story or theme, has reached the market and made a shocking enough leap compared to other titles focusing on strategy and adventure. Later we will tell you all about Clash Royale, stay with us and find out the details.

What is Clash Royale and what is it about?

Clash Royale is a game totally focused on cards and strategies, this clearly has a remarkable union with Clash of Clans as we will find many of the main and secondary characters of this game in the battle cards that this game will present to us during the journey.

We will find these cards divided into 3 simple aspects such as magic cards, troop or fighter cards, and cards from defensive buildings such as cannons. In this game over time we will have a large number of cards of all kinds of aspects, but depending on our fight we will have to say which ones to choose.

But why decide? calm down, we'll explain it to you. When we fight against any enemy we will have a hand of cards or, as it is known in the game, Battle Deck. The problem is that in this effective deck of cards you will only have the possibility to add 8 from your wallet to be able to fight against your enemies.

Therefore, when selecting these cards we will have to be as careful as possible, just as we will have to create and analyze our respective strategy if we really want to beat the opponent. We will have to study yours possible weaknesses and points di force to achieve our due victory.

It is extremely important to keep in mind that in order to play Clash Royale you will need to have a good Internet connection as all the battles you will play in order to rank up or level up will be played with people from different parts of the world who are also looking for a fight.

What are the minimum recommended requirements to be able to play Clash Royale from your PC?

As mentioned above, the hype about this game is such that PC users have been looking for a way to have this amazing title on their computer. Without doubt one of the best games focused on cards and strategy. Next we will discuss about all the minimum requirements you must have to be able to play Clash Royale from your PC.


  • You will need to have an operating system higher than Windows Vista (Windows XP, 7, 8, 10). In other words, it is available on all systems.
  • You will need to have at least one Open GL 2.0 processor CPU.
  • With only 1 Gb of RAM on your PC you can play Clash Royale, but it is recommended to run it with 2 Gb of RAM.
  • Graphics card: AMD or even Intel if you have it.
  • You will need to have at least 2GB of free space on your hard drive.

Being an app available only for mobile devices to be able to play Clash Royale from your PC you will need to have an Android emulator, we personally recommend you some options like Bluestacks, Memu emulator or Nox App Player. All these ideals for playing.

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