What games are there similar or similar to Overwatch? Alternatives for Overwatch

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So what kind of game is Overwatch? Overwatch is a video game released in 2016, which today is considered one of the most interesting competitive games. It is a paid video game available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC consoles.

In any case, to play it you need to know if Overwatch works on your PC, but as we pointed out earlier, the video game is not free, which is why users tend to look for alternatives or games similar to Overwatch. Next, we will indicate the most relevant ones.

Overwatch-like games, good alternatives to Overwatch

Below are some of the more interesting games in alternativa a Overwatch. Undoubtedly each of the underlying stocks is truly remarkable.


After the success of Overwatch, more similar video games were expected. One of the first to come to light was the proposal from developer Hi-Rez Studios, Paladins. Paladins has many similarities to Overwatch, but it also has its originality.

The gameplay is relatively similar to Overwatch, in which two teams of five players will face off with the goal of achieving victory. For this we have the modalities

Siege: where the main goal is to capture the central point on the map.

Battle to the death: classic mode in which two teams of five players face off with the goal of reaching 40 kills. The team that reaches this amount of losses first will be the winner.

Carnage – A territory acquisition mode in which the first team to score 400 points will be victorious.
Like Overwatch, in Paladins we have a large number of characters (heroes), so far there are more than 46 characters that we can choose from.

Like in Overwatch, we have the classic categories damage, tank, support and flank. Perhaps its most important point against Overwatch is that Paladins features the Cross Play game mode, plus the game is Free to Play.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends would emerge as a proposal to the new one mossa battle royale driven by Fortnite. Either way, it's a very different game from the previous one. Overwatch is a first-person game characterized by the powers of its heroes.

In fact, in terms of gameplay it looks a bit more like Overwatch than Fortnite, with the difference that Apex Legends is a Battle Royale. 60 players will participate in Apex Legends, in pairs and three-way gameplay.

Apex Legends features a futuristic environment with cutting edge technology and remarkable graphics. At the same time, the hero system is very interesting and diverse, although the game can get complicated for some players. The goal is to be the last team standing.

Apex Legends is undoubtedly a great alternative to Overwatch, and while it's not its direct competitor, it's a lot of fun. As a noteworthy feature, we highlight that the game is Free to Play and also features Cross Play mode, you can also easily download Apex Legends for free to your PC very quickly.


Riot Games is famous all over the world for creating one of the most important MOBAs, League Of Legends. For this reason, the company that before the release of League of Legends was a total unknown is now very relevant in the competitive games.

In any case, the company hadn't created a video game as relevant and popular as LOL, something they wanted to change with Valorant. Valorant is a game very similar to Overwatch, where the members of two opposing teams, formed by "Agents" with special abilities, will face each other.

In Valorant, five players from each team will face off in different game modes, where each character's skills are very relevant. At the moment the game has more than 10 “Agents” and presents a gameplay very similar to that of the counterattack, with touches of Overwatch.

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