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The first version of this real-time strategy game was known in 1994 as Warcraft Orcs & Human. In turn, it became the basis for what is now known as the universe of Azeroth. Where battles between good and evil have been fought for years by two very different enemy factions. From that beginning this game along with this innovative style of play has grown for that time.

To this day it has become the famous World of Warcraft, this game that continues the story of its predecessors. It currently has millions of players including some famous celebrities from the world of entertainment.

Although considered the pioneer, World of Warcraft is not the only one in this type of MMORPG games. For its fascinating history and everything your character can do, World of Warcraft is the best and it comes at a cost.

Today there are many more games with stories very similar to World of Warcraft and are available for different platforms, join us to discover some of these alternative MMORPG games and beyond that we leave you our recommendations.

Games similar to World of Warcraft for free

As we have already mentioned, there are many games that are reminiscent of World of Warcraft, especially in their stories, among them we have Order and Chaos, which has great graphics quality, and beautiful landscapes. It has been released on the market since 2011 and among its most striking features is that it can be played on multiple platforms. The player must choose between two sides: Order or humans and Chaos, ie orcs and zombies.

Another game popular of this style is Age of Conan, that will take you into the world of Conan the Barbarian, has impressive graphics that will make you feel that you are truly living in that time full of adventures. When selecting your avatar you have to choose between thief, priest, mage and soldier in their different classes.

It is available for Microsoft Windows platform and Xbox 360 consoles, this is one of the best and interesting alternatives.

It is also presented as an option to enjoy a real time strategy game Allods online, this free game is set on several floating islands with beautiful landscapes that you will surely want to explore and enjoy while playing. You can take part in various wars to get the resources needed to advance and it includes skill systems.

Without a doubt all of the above are great alternatives, but you will surely want to know what our recommended games are.

The best games like World of Warcraft

What is promised is debt, we'll give you a description of what many consider to be the best alternatives to World of Warcraft. We will start by talking to you about Blade & Soul, the story of this game focuses on performing missions to obtain resources. It offers numerous mission content and various resources that you will discover as you explore this fascinating world.

It also provides you with a wide variety of blades with names and magical powers that you can use with your character. Another cool feature is that you can customize your characters to your liking, based on their races and classes.

We would also like to advise you to try as an alternative to World of Warcraft and Online party, this has similar characteristics to the previous one. Especially in design and landscapes, in this game you will be able to choose between different classes of characters with different abilities. Your avatar can be a fighter, magician, cleric, archer, crusader or cheater, with many skills to develop while playing.

There are molte alternative a World of Warcraft, here are several so try them, share your opinion and the most important thing is to have fun.

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